Cookies policy

This Cookie Policy of Coco Solution explains in which way cookies are stored on and information is read from your computer, tablet and/or mobile phone (hereafter: “Terminal Equipment”) through the Coco Solution website. This Cookie Policy also states for which purposes the collected information will be used. We thus advise you to read this Cookie Policy carefully.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small (text) files that are sent to your browser while you are visiting the website or using the service of Coco Solution and are subsequently stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your Terminal Equipment. At your next visit to the website, the browser can send back this information. The cookies that are stored through this website cannot harm your Terminal Equipment or any files that are saved on your Terminal Equipment.

Strict Cookies

This paragraph applies to those cookies that are stored and read by Coco Solution itself or software we use to build this website. These so-called Strict Cookies do not store any personal information.

You will not be able to opt-out from these cookies as they are fundamental for this website to work. For instance, technical cookies allow us to use software hosted in an CDN (Content Delivery Network) or allow you to proceed through different pages by storing necessary preferences like language and preferred currency allowing us to remember those preferences in (order) forms that you can use throughout our website.

These cookies enable Coco Solution to adjust the website to your specific preferences. Since your preferences are already set, your next visit will be less time-consuming and more agreeable.

Strict Cookies Providers

  • Coco Solution
  • Google APIs

Functional Cookies

Apart from cookies that are strict for this website to work, some software we use in this website, from third parties, can store cookies on your Terminal Equipment throughout our website. This paragraph applies to these third party cookies that provide functionality in our website. Coco Solution can not control or influence the use of these cookies and/or the use by third parties of the information collected through these cookies. Coco Solution only provides the platform that enables storing these third party cookies. Coco Solution emphasizes that on the use of the data collected through these cookies further conditions of third parties may be applicable.

The different types of functional cookies are not mandatory and this website can operate without them, therefore, you are allowed to opt-in or opt-out at any time.

Performance Cookies

In order to collect data on the usage of the website and visits to the website, Coco Solution uses third party software. These providers store a permanent cookie on your Terminal Equipment which is subsequently used to register your use of the website. This data is then analyzed by these third parties and the results are presented to Coco Solution. This enables Coco Solution to get insights in the way in which the website is used and, based on this information, to make adjustments to the website or the provided services.

This kind of software can give this information to other third parties if it is legally obligated to do so and/or if those third parties are processing the information on behalf of these providers. These providers can not use the information for any other purpose. You, as a user, can opt-in or opt-out from these cookies

Performance Cookies Providers

  • Google Analytics

Marketing Cookies

These kind of cookies allow us to retarget our website's users, whenever they browse any website within the ads network. This is used to market our products and services when users are searching or visiting other websites by displaying an advert for specific Coco Solution's products.

The different types of marketing cookies are not mandatory and this website can operate without them, therefore, you are allowed to opt-in or opt-out at any time.

Marketing Cookies Providers

  • Google AdWords

Deleting cookies

For your commodity we provide functionality (via the Cookie Settings manager found in the bottom of our pages) that enables you to opt-in or opt-out from some of these cookies whenever you want. Additional all these cookies can be deleted at any time by using the settings capabilities of your browser to disable cookies and/or to remove all cookies from your browser.

By clicking the links below, you can read how you can delete the different types of cookies from different browsers.

Please take into account that deleting cookies may disable some functionality in this website.