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We're in charge of providing your project with customised plans, focused on attracting qualified traffic, converting leads and generating business opportunities for your company. Thanks to our extensive experience in implementing strategies focused on inbound marketing, you'll be able to attract potential customers and close sales. Do you want to know how we do it? Click here to view the agency's profile on Sortlist

Your Inbound marketing agency in the Canary Islands

With inbound marketing, you'll discover the best methodology to optimise all marketing and sales processes, focused on your business.


With our multichannel methodology, we include SEO, social media, design, and email marketing.


With all this, we design and develop an action plan that goes from definition to implementation, analysis, and optimisation of resources.


What makes us grow as a team

About us

Who are we?

At Coco Solution we've managed to scale the business in less than 2 years to over 300K annual turnover and we want to make you scale with us.
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We strengthen the presence of your brand on the networks

Social networks

We want to increase the visibility of your brand, to guarantee success. If your goal is to sell your products through social media, you need to discover our wonderful team of community managers and social media specialists.

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  • Coco Solution
We increase the efficiency of your brand


We'll review all your business development, sales, or customer service processes to generate more efficient processes. 

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SEO agency in Spain

Custom SEO positioning

Appearing in the top positions of Google is essential to give your business notoriety. We create an optimised and personalised strategy. You'll witness the organic growth of your project. You're part of our team.

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  • Coco Solution

Branding development

We want to give shape, colours, and sensations to everything you want to make your brand feel. We feel, we listen, and we represent the dream in reality. After all, that's what branding is all about.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on attracting and converting potential customers into repeat customers through valuable content that is offered free of charge.


The goal of an inbound marketing agency in the Canary Islands is to create a relationship of trust with potential customers, providing them with information that is useful and relevant to them, and then guiding them through the buying process.

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  • Ducati Canarias
  • Bioderma
  • Buscalibre
  • Skoda
  • Grupo MOSH
  • Las Casas Canarias
  • Audi
  • MyCarflix
  • Lovesharing
  • Hyundai
  • Dunas
  • DBS
  • Hosticasa
  • Villa Gran Canaria
  • Bull Hotels
  • Livvo Hotels
  • Banana Computer
  • Silence
  • Volkswagen Canarias
  • Holiday world
  • Domingo Alonso Group
  • Xtravans
  • Cabildo de Gran Canaria
  • Aprosu
  • HD Hotels
  • Opein
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Coco Solution

A Leading Search and Build Agency in Spain

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Remote work

Agency specialising in organic positioning with clients in more than 5 countries in less than 4 years, with success stories ranging from the world's leading automotive brands to the positioning of official Apple resellers. Developers of the first ecosystem based on SEO, called ACAI, whose websites are created under Google's key premises such as Core Web Vitals. Company composed of a multidisciplinary team in house of each one of the disciplines of organic positioning such as Technical SEO, Linkbuilding, SEO Content and strategic SEO. Their principles are transparency, didactics and above all, commitment to results, which have led them to position themselves as one of the best SEO companies in Spain since its inception in 2018 to date.


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We answer all your questions

FAQ about the Inbound Marketing Agency

  • ¿Qué significa el inbound marketing?

    El inbound marketing es una estrategia de marketing digital centrada en atraer y convertir a clientes potenciales y asiduos, a través de contenidos de valor que se ofrecen de manera gratuita. El inbound marketing se centra en el uso de técnicas de SEO, blog, redes sociales, marketing de contenidos o mailmarketing.

  • ¿Por qué es importante el inbound marketing?

    El inbound marketing es importante por las siguientes razones:


    • Atrae a clientes potenciales a través de contenido valioso.
    • Mejora la conversión gracias a la construcción de la confianza y credibilidad
    • Mejora el ROI.
    • Ayuda a comprender mejor al cliente.
  • ¿Qué técnicas engloban el inbound marketing?

    Las técnicas que engloban al inbound marketing son:


    • Redes sociales.
    • SEO.
    • Marketing de contenidos.
    • Mailmarketing.
    • Branding
  • ¿Hay que tener una tienda online para desarrollar una estrategia de inbound marketing?

    No, no necesariamente. Podemos utilizar el inbound marketing para cualquier tipo de empresas, tamaños e industrias que busquen un aumento de sus ingresos.

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