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A full team of developers for the best custom web development environment on the market. Join our emerging and scalable technology.

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Web design made for you

As a web design agency founded in Las Palmas, we're aware of the importance of the development and design of custom websites. A team of specialists will make sure that your website not only looks amazing, but also that it's technologically at the forefront of the market.

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Success Stories

Would you like to see an example of what we do? This is our portfolio, take a look at our recent projects and convince yourself.

Our services

Advanced technical advice

Our developers will be happy to advise you on your website.

Mobile application development

Do you need a mobile application? Our technology is the best for that.

Acai Suite Technical Support

An incredible and efficient ticketing and direct communication system within the system itself.

Server maintenance and support

A team dedicated to making everything flow and run smoothly. A back-up is synonymous with peace of mind.

ERP or Cloud-based Software Development

You'll be able to manage everything on your website at any time and on any device thanks to our cloud technology.

Development of customised websites

You'll have a unique website on the market, and it'll be equipped with the best internal tools.
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Coco Solution

A Leading Search and Build Agency in Spain

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Remote work

Agency specialising in organic positioning with clients in more than 5 countries in less than 4 years, with success stories ranging from the world's leading automotive brands to the positioning of official Apple resellers. Developers of the first ecosystem based on SEO, called ACAI, whose websites are created under Google's key premises such as Core Web Vitals. Company composed of a multidisciplinary team in house of each one of the disciplines of organic positioning such as Technical SEO, Linkbuilding, SEO Content and strategic SEO. Their principles are transparency, didactics and above all, commitment to results, which have led them to position themselves as one of the best SEO companies in Spain since its inception in 2018 to date.


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FAQ about Web Design and Development Agency in Las Palmas

  • Why should you hire a web development agency in Las Palmas?

    Nowadays, the internet is one of the most used tools by people on a daily basis, especially by those who have a business and aim to generate revenue and a web presence.


    Thanks to the interaction of all these users who are connected to each other through an interface, it's much easier to access the user. All this can be achieved thanks to custom web design and development.

    Having a web development agency will allow you to have a website where you can showcase your business and establish connections with users that'll allow you to enhance and scale your project.

  • Why choose Coco Solution as a web development agency?

    The Coco Solution team is made up of professionals, 100% dedicated to make everything flow and work perfectly in constant communication between departments.

    We love the challenges that we face every day and, therefore, our team of developers is committed to give your new website personality, with efficient and clean work.

    We have a list of success stories in renowned companies, which currently enjoy our development technology and are satisfied not only by the autonomy of our system, but by the scalability that we've provided to their business. You can consult it in our Portfolio.

  • How do we work at web development and design?

    We have a young team of expert developers who work in constant communication with our clients. But what does our team offer our clients?


    1. A custom web development: Whatever you have in mind, we develop it and put it in your hands.
    2. Our technical support allows us to respond to any incident as quickly as possible.
    3. We develop websites that are fully optimised to rank at the top of Google thanks to Acai Code
    4. App development: Our technology allows us to create both apps and web apps, in an intuitive, scalable environment with completely autonomous content management.

  • What do we offer you at Coco Solution as a web development and design agency?

    Coco Solution is an agency specialised in web development in Las Palmas. Specialists in web design and development, with a fully customised and scalable environment: Acai Code.

    The main mission of our team of developers is to help you achieve your goals with your new website.


    To do this, we advise you throughout the development process with 100% transparency and professionalism to give your website the online authority you want.

  • How important is it to hire a web design agency?

    The design of a website is the first step in the construction of a new website. With it, the project you've been working on for a long time begins to become a reality.


    Having the services of a web design agency in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is to ensure the total success of your design. You'll be able to stand out from the competition with a personalised design that is tailored to what you want to achieve.

  • What does Coco Solution offer as a web design agency?

    Coco Solution is a graphic design agency whose main mission is to give shape to the dreams and ideas of our clients. We have no limits, we want to think big and materialise any idea you have.


    We put in your hands the best team of web designers who stand out for a differentiating element: they aren't afraid of the new challenges they face every day.


    In addition, we adapt the website to give it the navigability it deserves. We make sure it's a real highway to conversion in search engines.


    Our web design services as an agency are characterised by:


    • Design Mobile First: The key in this day and age where mobile devices have become the main tools with which we make purchases and do business.
    • Personalised design: We adapt our design to your company and your brand. It's not a question of colours and shapes, but of spirit, of identity... We soak up what your business is about to make a perfect design for you.
    • Design SEO web: Do you want a website focused on positioning? We are specialists in SEO design. We carry out a study of the structure of key elements for subsequent positioning strategies. We make everything perfect so that the web development with our technology is so complete that the scalability of your business is efficient and autonomous.
  • How do we do web design?

    One of the outstanding characteristics of our web design department is our team of multitasking, versatile and multifaceted professionals.


    We make the difference by offering a tailor-made service, adjusted to the needs of the client, studying and analysing the audience and the sector conscientiously so that the design is as original as possible.


    We're able to adapt to any of our clients' needs without losing the essence of Coco. To do this, we use our creative methodologies. With them, we want to express our passion for design with innovative methods.

  • Why hire a web design agency in Las Palmas?

    To carry out a design for your website, a team is the key to the success of such a service.


    At Coco Solution, as a creative web design agency, we guarantee not only the work of a team of design specialists, but also the intervention of other fundamental pillars in the creation of a website, such as other digital marketing channels, such as web development or organic and paid positioning.


    No element will be left out so that your business has the perfect online showcase.

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