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What is SEM?

You've come to the right place to find out what SEM is!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very effective technique within a marketing campaign, which aims to appear more and better positioned among the search results when a user searches for keywords related to your business.

Its operation is mainly based on carrying out paid campaigns in tools such as Google Ads or Bing Ads and applying them in the main search engines.


Our services

Initial set up
We analyse the characteristics of your business and your competitors to guide you on the optimal type of campaigns for you and your target audience.
Keyword research and campaign creation
We analyse which keywords work best for your business objective and what kind of campaigns will work best for you.
Creative advertisements
We have copywriters and designers who'll create the perfect ad that will make an impact on your target audience.
Campaign optimisation
We improve and adapt your campaigns to always get the maximum return on your advertising investment.
Monthly reports so that you're always aware of how your campaigns are going.
We're always ready to clarify them for you!

They trust COCO

  • Skoda
  • Grupo MOSH
  • Las Casas Canarias
  • Audi
  • MyCarflix
  • Lovesharing
  • Hyundai
  • Dunas
  • DBS
  • Hosticasa
  • Villa Gran Canaria
  • Fundación DISA
  • Bull Hotels
  • Automatical Bitcoin
  • Hoteles THe
  • Banana Computer
  • Silence
  • Volkswagen Canarias
  • Holiday world
  • Domingo Alonso Group
  • Xtravans
  • Cabildo de Gran Canaria
  • Aprosu
  • HD Hotels
  • Opein

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Coco Solution

A Leading Search and Build Agency in Spain

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Remote work

Agency specialising in organic positioning with clients in more than 5 countries in less than 4 years, with success stories ranging from the world's leading automotive brands to the positioning of official Apple resellers. Developers of the first ecosystem based on SEO, called ACAI, whose websites are created under Google's key premises such as Core Web Vitals. Company composed of a multidisciplinary team in house of each one of the disciplines of organic positioning such as Technical SEO, Linkbuilding, SEO Content and strategic SEO. Their principles are transparency, didactics and above all, commitment to results, which have led them to position themselves as one of the best SEO companies in Spain since its inception in 2018 to date.


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We answer all your questions

FAQ about the SEM Agency

  • ¿Qué significa SEM?

    SEM significa “Search Engine Marketing”, es decir, es el marketing en motores de búsqueda. En SEM todo gira en torno en conseguir la máxima eficiencia en un plazo corto en el sector. Con las campañas de publicidad pagadas se pretende alcanzar un gran número de personas para aumentar las ventas de tu negocio digital.

  • ¿Para qué sirve el SEM?

    El SEM, al igual que el SEO, es una buena técnica para lanzar tu servicio o producto al público y sacarle la máxima rentabilidad y productividad a tu inversión. Gracias a las campañas de publicidad podrás alcanzar el 100% de los usuarios en línea y conseguir el máximo número de clics. En SEM se gestionan tus anuncios de forma efectiva en Google AdWords, se administran tus campañas de publicidad y se asegura al dinero invertido.

  • How do we do SEM in Coco?

    At our SEM agency, we guarantee that your business reaches your target audience. We analyse basic metrics, study the fundamental parameters and the buyer persona of your audience so that your messages achieve the impact you need to showcase your products or services. We satisfy the needs of users who want to buy on the Internet by offering them your products. At Coco we offer:

    • Google Ads: With Google's advertising system, we create ads and campaigns to get immediate visits to your website. We carry out campaigns in environments such as search, display, shopping or video, among others.
      SEM advice: We offer international SEM campaigns to boost your international expansion in other markets, optimised landing pages, and we make Google Ads campaigns more profitable.
      Internal improvements: As SEM consultants we use our experience in Google Analytics management to study the market, profit and competition, as well as positioning to achieve an internal optimisation of your digital business and improve CTR and CPC values in Google.
      Keyword and ad group research
      Preparation of reports to provide you with real results
      Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising: We run campaigns on Microsoft's flagship search engine. In countries such as Germany, England, Sweden or Denmark they are the second most popular search engine, so they are a golden opportunity to capture leads.
  • ¿Por qué una agencia de SEM?

    El SEM facilita un impacto seguro y veloz en un breve lapso de tiempo. Aporta visibilidad y tráfico a la web de tu negocio. Impulsará tu rentabilidad, mejorará tu beneficio y rentabilidad, te ayudará a conocer la actividad del algoritmo de Google Ads, mejorará el retorno de la inversión (pago por clic), lograrás captar más clientes potenciales, podrás hacer publicidad de forma internacional, mejora los elementos del sistema de pujas para publicidad de Google y más.


    En Coco optimizamos la configuración interna de las campañas, supervisamos todos los procesos analíticos y te garantizamos un rendimiento optimizado y rentable. 

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