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Here you'll know that SEO is no scam or delusion. We explain everything to you and take your most important keywords where they deserve to be: To the top positions of Google.

What do we offer?

What is organic or web positioning?

It's one of the most important practices within the digital marketing sector that a business with an online presence must have. It's based on a series of measures that help companies to appear in the first results of Google, for the words for which your products or services are searched.


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More than thirty projects. Take a look at the success stories of our SEO team, you'll be amazed!

Our services

SEO Audit

We diagnose your website and tell you how to improve it.

On Page

We get your website ready to be Google's partner.

Off Page

We make websites talk about us and increase your authority.

SEO Consulting

Do you want a technician to assist you? We have Pros to help you.

SEO Content

We make SEO valuable content and position you as a reference in your sector.

SEO Strategy

We devise a plan to position your business for your keywords.

But how do I improve the SEO of my website?

We want to guarantee you the best possible result and for that we want to meet with you and get to know you a little better, so it would be great if you could tell us more about you and your project or business.


Based on the needs you have, our goal to improve the SEO of your website will be to create an optimised and customised strategy to position your business in search engines.


You'll be a direct witness and agent of the organic growth of your project, because if there is one thing we know at Coco Solution is that our clients are also part of our team.


They trust in us

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  • Holiday world
  • Domingo Alonso Group
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  • Cabildo de Gran Canaria
  • Aprosu
  • HD Hotels
  • Opein
Attract your audience

Creating effective content

Want to attract and retain your audience with relevant and valuable content? Our Content Marketing service will help you develop a solid strategy and make sure your content is optimised for SEO and social media to achieve your business goals. We create relevant and valuable content to attract and retain your audience.

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Make the right decisions

Our team of advanced analytics experts will help you measure and understand how your business website is performing. We'll use advanced tools to identify areas of improvement and provide you with customised recommendations to help you make strategic decisions and improve your performance.

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Coco Solution

A Leading Search and Build Agency in Spain

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
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Agency specialising in organic positioning with clients in more than 5 countries in less than 4 years, with success stories ranging from the world's leading automotive brands to the positioning of official Apple resellers. Developers of the first ecosystem based on SEO, called ACAI, whose websites are created under Google's key premises such as Core Web Vitals. Company composed of a multidisciplinary team in house of each one of the disciplines of organic positioning such as Technical SEO, Linkbuilding, SEO Content and strategic SEO. Their principles are transparency, didactics and above all, commitment to results, which have led them to position themselves as one of the best SEO companies in Spain since its inception in 2018 to date.


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We answer all your questions

FAQ about our SEO Agency

  • Why should you hire a web positioning company?

    SEO is essential for a website. SEO, as the name suggests, positions your website in the main search engines such as Google, Bing and others. In addition, it helps to get potential customers, increases the conversion rate of each visit and serves to position your projects and products, as well as getting your brand up to a higher level and achieving significant improvements in your business.

  • What does Coco Solution offer you as a seo agency in Las Palmas?

    Coco Solution is a web positioning agency in Las Palmas. We're specialists in SEO, as well as in other services related to digital marketing. At Coco, we help you to achieve your goals and advise you during the process with 100% transparency. We want to help you with your projects and improve your positioning thanks to a good implementation of the SEO strategy in the long term.

  • What web positioning services do we offer in Las Palmas?

    At Coco, as specialists, we work closely with the different departments and with our clients. As SEO experts, we offer:

    • SEO audits: We analyse each project in depth, study the competition and determine what can be improved internally.
      SEO Content: We carry out Keyword Research to determine the keywords in your sector in order to position your website with original and quality content. We make sure to avoid cannibalisation, and we optimise and correct existing content to ensure that the content is well-crafted and of high quality. In addition, we offer SEO translation in English and German and apply White Hat SEO techniques.
      Complete SEO strategies: If there's no defined, programmed and scheduled strategy, there's no good SEO service. We carry out complete SEO strategies that range from the most internal part to the appearance of your business on other websites. All of this is analysed, studied, organised and completed in a deadline to which you'll always have access so that you're aware of how the service is progressing.
      SEO On Page: We take care of all the key SEO elements within your website. We'll make it one of Google's favourite places in your sector.
      SEO Off Page: Word of mouth has always been one of the best marketing channels of all time. For Google, this channel is the SEO Off Page, the presence of your website within other websites of the same sector and that are trusted by search engines makes your page authority increases and algorithms take more into account your domain as a reference for certain queries. Quality linkbuilding will improve the link profile and authority of your domain.
      Keyword research: Without keyword research, there's no SEO strategy. We search for and locate the main keywords for which users search for your business. In addition to that, we incorporate them into your website.
      Local SEO: More than 70% of online businesses are geolocated. If you don't position for these searches within your locality, you'll lose a lot of potential customers who need your business. We make sure you appear for all these searches not only through elements on your website, but also through key elements such as Google Business (formerly Google My Business) or the business maps that can be found in searches.
  • Why should you choose Coco Solution as an SEO agency in Las Palmas?

    At Coco we're honest and transparent. We love a challenge, and the SEO team is committed to ensuring a top ranking on Google. We offer customised digital marketing strategies, with which you can position your brand effectively and cleanly. We're a benchmark in our sector and, as experts and SEO agency in the Canary Islands, we know what we're doing.


    We make your product, service or brand reach the consumer or end customer looking to buy online. We improve your organic and direct traffic in search engines like Google.


    Do you want your business to gain presence in the long term? Do you want to secure your position in the rankings and conquer Google? Do you want your brand to become a reference for the sector? Leave behind geographical limitations and try Coco!

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