Design & Creativity

We give shape and sensations to your ideas and your dreams. The design is the first stone to make your project a reality. Are you ready?

How do we design?

The design that your brand needs

We're committed to a custom web design, fully tailored to the needs of your brand.

Web design is the cornerstone of any website, without it, it would be empty and without a clear identity that manages to stand out from your main competitors.

Thanks to our multitasking web design team, you'll have in your hands a unique design, ready to capture the attention of your audience.

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Branding development

We give shape, colours, and sensations to everything you want to make your brand feel. We feel, listen and represent the dream in reality. After all, that's what branding is all about.
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UX/UI design for web and Apps

It's no use having a great website if navigating it means getting lost in a labyrinth that you just want to get out of. We make sure that your website is a highway to conversion.
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Creativity and design on/off line

Your brand will be fresh in online and offline environments. We prepare your company to be visited on the internet and stay in the minds of people who see your offline resources. We love billboards.
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Illustration applied to marketing

Horizontal, vertical, slanted and in any dimensions you want: our illustrations and creatives always look organic and ideal on any social media feed.

They trust in us

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  • Banana Computer
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  • Volkswagen Canarias
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  • Domingo Alonso Group
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  • Cabildo de Gran Canaria
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Transforma tu marca

Nuestro equipo de expertos en Branding te ayudará a crear una presencia única y consistente en todas partes. Trabajaremos contigo para desarrollar una estrategia de marca sólida y aplicarla en todos los aspectos de tu negocio, desde tu sitio web y redes sociales hasta tus productos y servicios.

This is how we are valued on SEMrush

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Coco Solution

A Leading Search and Build Agency in Spain

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Remote work

Agency specialising in organic positioning with clients in more than 5 countries in less than 4 years, with success stories ranging from the world's leading automotive brands to the positioning of official Apple resellers. Developers of the first ecosystem based on SEO, called ACAI, whose websites are created under Google's key premises such as Core Web Vitals. Company composed of a multidisciplinary team in house of each one of the disciplines of organic positioning such as Technical SEO, Linkbuilding, SEO Content and strategic SEO. Their principles are transparency, didactics and above all, commitment to results, which have led them to position themselves as one of the best SEO companies in Spain since its inception in 2018 to date.


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We answer all your questions

FAQ about Graphic Design

  • Why should I hire a graphic design agency?

    Hiring a graphic design agency in Las Palmas like Coco Solution guarantees that your brand has a freshness and a striking and original presence in online and offline channels without losing its essence.

    We prepare your company or brand to be visible on the internet and generate the impact you're looking for.


    We're specialists in brand development, visual communication, branding and creativity. We work on your brand and communication in digital and physical media thinking about the best way to communicate in your networks, web portals and on the city.


    In addition, we manage to generate that pleasant memory in all those users who see the resources of your brand outside the internet.


    Minimalism, conceptualisation and optimisation of the visual impact are our objectives when developing a complete identity and its communication to improve the connection with the target audience.

  • Why is graphic design important?

    Graphic design is the most visual part of a brand, project or business to be carried out. It helps to communicate, iconically, what you're selling or doing.


    The brand image is the communication pillar of any project or company that needs to reach its target audience. Design and creativity is the shortest way between the company and the client.


    An effective and well-executed graphic design allows the development of different strategies that result in communication from a visual point of view.


    By carrying out creative work that meets the objectives of the ambivalence of design, we achieve a visual product that is functional and aesthetic, which, in short, is the goal of all design, to solve a need attractively, managing to cross language and cultural barriers.


    At Coco Solution, we want to help you achieve your objectives through a brand that speaks for itself and manages to create that special bond with your customers.

  • What do Graphic Design Experts do?

    At Coco Solution, in addition to providing fluid communication with our clients, we carry out a detailed study of your main target, the sector in which your company operates and the needs of your business to give it the identity it deserves, with a fresh and personalised design.


    At Coco Solution we work with a methodology that allows us to work on your project in a guided way and with a well-founded base that allows us to know the company, its objectives and the visual representation of all of this.

  • What kind of graphic design services do we offer as an agency?

    Branding: Branding is key to decision-making. We give your brand an ideal tailor-made suit that conveys everything you feel about it.

    We believe in timeless brands in order to link concepts to the brand identity. From the design of the brand to each of its applications and the identity manual that will collect, like an encyclopaedia, every last detail of your identity.


    Creativity and design On/Offline: We create focused resources for all the areas in which your brand will intervene. Whether online or offline, your brand will remain in the retina of everyone who sees it, regardless of the environment in which they move.

    Illustration applied to marketing: Yes, we have some of the best creative know-how around. We don't just have specialists in graphic design.

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