2020: A Marketing Odyssey

Author : Coco Solution
28 de Diciembre, 2020
Discover the great adventure that a young company went through during the terrible and apocalyptic coronavirus.

2020 started as usual – full of personal and professional plans and projects. Everyone had plenty of hopes and (most of) our clients were really happy with the work we had done. Thus, we started to plan a new year with a big smile on our faces.


That was our year. We knew it. We even moved into a bigger office! But things started to change a lot really fast. Our goals, our plans, our way of life… everything changed! And we had to adapt.

Chapter I: the virus

There were some rumours about a mysterious virus that appeared in, literally, the other side of the world. Some were sceptical about it and some saw what was coming. Our bosses foresaw the next crisis and decided that the best decision was working from home.

And the situation exploded. STATE OF ALARM. By law, all citizens had to stay at home until the pandemic improved. Quarantine, social distancing, hydroalcoholic gel or mask were some of the most used words of the year.

In our case, we had to adapt and started to see each other’s faces through the screen. We had to take a step forward and give our clients an effort that showed our unity and commitment to the projects they had invested in and trusted us with.

Chapter II: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

We set the machine to run at a higher speed. We took our most creative abilities to the limit so that all our customers could get results once confinement was over.

Daily meetings, brainstorming, overtime... everything necessary not only to help our clients, but to create products or have ideas that could counteract the hit that the virus gave us.

And, as we expected, it couldn’t beat us. One of the reasons was that we acted like a family, not like a team. Our relationship was stronger than ever.

Chapter III: TuCarMarket, a unique portal

The opportunity came with TuCarMarket, a website specialized in selling used and demo cars. Our technical departments created a site that allowed the client to manage everything on it.

Therefore, one of the main business groups in the Canary Islands finally had a portal to centralize car sales at a regional level. The website was conceived so well that it even competed at a national level in terms of performance.

Chapter IV: Acai Code, a new way of programming

Although 2020 will be written in the history books as the year that a virus caused an enormous crisis at all levels, this was a turning point for us because we developed a particular technology for all kinds of businesses that wanted to have their own personalized online shops.

We wanted to offer a Google-friendly product at a very competitive price to fight for the objective of getting people to access SEO-optimized websites from the very first minute. With Acai Code we not only achieved this, but created a new paradigm with a concept that merges web development with SEO strategies.

Chapter V: Grupo HD, a website for a big corporation

Can you imagine that one of the largest businesses in the Canary Islands didn’t even have a website? That was the case with Grupo HD, so we had to give our best in order to create one of the best corporate sites around. The whole process was so unique that we even decided to write down how it happened.

Chapter VI: Feria Avis, a 24 hours Black Friday

For some years now, Avis, one of the most important car rental companies in the Canary Islands has chosen us for this ambitious project that requires an app where clients can pick used and demo cars for sale during only 24 hours.

Chapter VII: VillaGranCanaria, the definitive place for villas

After more than a year developing, updating, optimizing and uploading new content, the website of one of the most important accommodation sites in the Canary Islands, VillaGranCanaria, saw the light.

We worked side by side with the client to create a website in four languages (Spanish, English, German and French) with hundreds of villas, apartments and country houses, among others, with a booking process of just three steps.


Our clients’ success is also our success. That’s how digital marketing works. Thus, we only for the new year one thing: health. If vaccines are effective and people realize that we have to keep living like this for a relatively long time, hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020.

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