Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

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29 de Agosto, 2022
We offer you the top 10 artificial intelligence applications

Artificial intelligence. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear this word is that film of the same name, which dealt with what a world with artificial intelligence would be like in the future and the importance it would have in society. I thought that this was more science fiction than actual reality, but, over the years, we have seen how this distant future has become the present and many companies have begun to use artificial intelligence technologies.

When we enter an e-commerce site, search for something on Google or contract a service from a certain company, a high percentage of us will be communicating with intelligent machines, and we don't even realise it.

Today we want you to see first-hand how artificial intelligence has crept into companies, into marketing strategies and how it has made it possible to manage processes within companies conveniently, quickly and efficiently.

What even is artificial intelligence?

Before we get down to business and show you the top 10 artificial intelligence applications, let's first define this concept.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. It involves the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, decision-making, problem-solving, and visual perception. AI systems are designed to analyze and interpret data, make predictions, and adapt their behavior or responses based on new information or experiences.

AI is one of the main pillars of the fourth industrial revolution, which includes the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Computing.

Top 10 artificial intelligence applications

Artificial intelligence and digital marketing go hand in hand. Digital marketing needs to process huge amounts of data, and artificial intelligence can help to process and interpret this data faster and more efficiently.

Therefore, now is the best time to start the adventure and explore which artificial intelligence tools and applications are best suited to a digital marketing strategy.

To do this, we have compiled a ranking of the top 10 artificial intelligence applications. Let’s discover them!

1. Uberflip: content marketing

uberflip app

Uberflip is one of the best content marketing tools that uses artificial intelligence to personalise the content experience and speed up the sales process.

One of its main assets is that it can understand and predict what type of content is best and what the potential customer might be interested in.

This tool offers content recommendations almost instantly, in the right format and targeted to a specific audience. It doesn’t offer content from the most popular or recent articles, but one that can help you to get loyal customers.

2. Concured: creating content

concured app

Strategic content platform that’s powered by artificial intelligence that supports marketers and content creators in knowing what to write and how to capture attention.

It uses AI to detect and predict what will cause the most interaction with the target audience, and also what content is going viral.

It's a great way to stand out from your competitors.

3. Adext AI: online advertising

adext ai

Adext AL is an application that’s composed of Machine Learning algorithms that analyses thousands and thousands of data from campaigns on Google Ads, YouTube, or Instagram to identify which audience segments are most profitable.

Thanks to its algorithm, it finds audiences that it considers to be the ones that convert best and, automatically, distributes the budget according to the results.

4. Node: generate leads

node tool

Node is an application with built-in artificial intelligence that generates leads automatically.

It provides marketing and sales teams with an excellent guide to identify markets where leads can be generated and converted into customers. Thanks to its AI, you’ll be able to manage a vast amount of information to find that potential customer.

When all this information is gathered, it predicts and qualifies how profiled the potential customer is. It’s a great tool for B2B companies.

5. Liveperson: chatbots

liveperson app

There are many people who confuse what is a standard chatbot with a chatbot that has artificial intelligence behind it. 

In this sense, Liveperson is a conversational platform that’s powered by artificial intelligence, which provides consumers with answers about the products they wish to purchase within the communication channels they use on a daily basis.

The application is responsible for using artificial intelligence to examine each conversion with customers, identify the degree of interest and purchase attempts, all in real time, offering valuable information for companies.

6. Rapid Miner: decision making


The dar science platform that analyses data thanks to artificial intelligence, advising companies to make the best possible decisions in terms of marketing, sales, customer retention or demand prediction.

7. Wix ADI: web development

wix adi

Did you know that Wix ADI has artificial intelligence to develop websites?

Naturally, WIX is mainly powered by a series of answers to initial questions answered by the user himself to understand what are the needs, tastes, and preferences.

It takes a few minutes and then the system is in charge of presenting a homepage that can be customised with even more specific elements that can be changed according to the user's needs.

8. TensorFlow: the neural network


TensorFlow is a library devised by the team behind Google Brain. It’s an implementation of an ML subdomain called Deep Learning Neural Networks.

In other words, TensorFlow is a version of Google that is capable of achieving automatic learning with a series of neural networks using deep learning.

9. DeepL


A tool that automatically translates texts and files from up to 26 languages without losing their meaning.

It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use application and is completely free. It has a glossary of words to directly correct the text when it’s finished.

The intelligent software is very useful for copywriters who want to be more productive in their work.

10. Reply


This is one of the most recommended applications for startups and freelancers. Ideal for designing workflows and measuring any action that’s carried out. It also offers the possibility of searching for emails to increase the database quickly and easily.

If you wish, you can install an extension through LinkedIn and start capturing potential customers and then make calls or send emails to get in touch with them.

As you can see, artificial intelligence is not only present in technology, it’s also present in the world of digital marketing. It has become another very important tool in inbound marketing strategies, implementing solutions to automate processes and improve them, develop software efficiently or generate advertising campaigns automatically.

In short, artificial intelligence is evolving by leaps and bounds, so much so that we often do not stop to think and realise that it’s implemented in all aspects of our lives, making our lives easier and automating processes that previously seemed like science fiction.

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