Grupo HD: the Co-creation of a Website for a Big Corporation

Author : Coco Solution
29 de Octubre, 2020
The Grupo HD website was created from scratch with the collaboration of our entire team.

Coco Solution is celebrating! After much effort, we’re proud to present the new corporate website of Grupo HD (one of the more important corporations in the Canary Islands) that begins a new stage where we seek to consolidate its identity by giving confidence and certainty to its investors, suppliers, workers and customers.

This website wouldn’t have been possible without a long process of co-creation, in which absolutely all the departments that make up our digital marketing agency were involved, as well as those professionals from Grupo HD related to its online presence. But, how was the process? Let's look at it below.

Trust: the first stone

Before starting, we at Coco Solution were (and still are) in charge of running the entire social networking and SEO strategy for HD Hotels, the group's hotel chain.

Management from scratch: a group without online presence

Thanks to the good work carried out in these areas and the trust placed in us by the marketing department of HD Hotels, the opportunity appeared to create a corporate website for Grupo HD, as they didn’t have any relevant online presence.

Here our Management department worked together with the group's staff in a long process where there was constant feedback in both directions. So, after accepting the initial proposal, the hard work began.

A design with corporate and family spirit

Our Design department was responsible for making a visual proposal for the client to validate. However, it was a long phase mainly because of the changes introduced regularly. In the end, an idea was chosen that transmitted a corporate spirit, but modern and very close.

Sectors united by design

With the help of our colleagues from Grupo HD (at this point we consider them to be part of our family) a very colourful result was achieved with a combination of green and camel corporate colours and with a banner in the form of an envelope that really stands out.

When thinking about different ways of communicating the process, Grupo HD made a corporate video where the main characteristics of this project are shown, highlighting its business lines: HiperDino, HD Hotels, CC Alisios, CC Las Arenas, CC El Campanario, real estate sector, etc.

A development like a rollercoaster

The Development department took over and followed the race, programming a design that had gone through different validation phases. Thanks to the magnificent work of the Design department, our developers were able to create a website that was as close as possible to the design validated by the client.

Union made the programming

The great experience of the Development department in dealing with the various modifications proposed resulted in a final website that's very quick and easy to use, with an extremely intuitive interface. Without a doubt, the final product is of a very high level, as it couldn’t be otherwise.

Copywriters: the body was made, but the soul was missing

The last stage was to give meaning in words to the whole project. In this way, our Content department worked together with the employees of the different departments of the Grupo HD, who were responsible for providing the corresponding texts.

The next step was to correct and complete the texts with the client's feedback and add them to the website, also uploading both the blog articles and the images. Although quite a few things were changed, the result was incredible. But there was still the icing on the cake...

Grupo HD: a true story of effort and family

Our writing geniuses created a storytelling project about Grupo HD that’s very close to the reader, telling the story of the brand from its humble beginnings, through its process of expansion and diversification, to the power it has become. Without a doubt, this is one of the sections we’re most proud of.

Based on an interview with Andrés Domínguez, the marketing team of Grupo HD and the Content department of Coco Solution worked side by side to create a narrative that would get readers’ interest and that could transmit a story that begins with the family and the effort and ends in... well, we don't know where it’ll end because it’s more alive than ever!

A website that lives up to the greatness of a business group that is unique in the Canary Islands

Coco Solution thanks again Grupo HD for having trusted a Canary Islands company and our excellent team of professionals to create their new corporate website, unique in its kind. It’s, without a doubt, another step in our long and prosperous relationship not only at a business level, but also at a family one.

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