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01 de Julio, 2020
Influencers are people with a certain amount of credibility on an issue. Their presence in social networks makes them interesting for brands.

We live in an era where social networks are the flagship of information. But this is not the only thing these social networks are living from, they are also a new means to spread the message of the brands, through people who lend themselves to it by receiving products in exchange and being able to reach the maximum number of followers possible. You probably don't know very well what it is to be an influencer, but surely you have heard something.

Their work is often done by the social profiles of companies, however, sometimes it is not enough to make profitable and make the most of social networks. Therefore, there are many companies that use these media figures to collaborate with them.

Usually they go to charismatic and popular people within the sector in which they move, with a great reputation among their followers that provides the company to enhance its image and brand on social networks.

Also, many people do not know what influencers are, nor do they know very well what the concept of influencing means, nor how that world works, nor how someone can become an influencer. 

Therefore, we have written this article so that you are properly informed about this exciting world of influencers.

What is an influencer?

Basically an influencer is a person who has been able to stand out in digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. These types of people have managed to create a character within these channels with not only national success, but have also crossed borders and achieved worldwide fame.

Now that you have notions of what it is to be an influencer, you should know that they are people with thousands and thousands of followers or subscribers, some of them exceeding millions of followers.

How can I become an influencer?

Although it may seem a bit of an inaccessible world because there are so many people, it is not so complicated to make your way in the world of web influencers. If you are a charismatic person, you like to be fashionable, you are aware of new trends and you have a great list of contacts, then you have many chances of becoming an influencer. 

However, this alone will not be enough, as you have to be original and show something new. So that you can become an influencer we are going to give you a series of tips:

Set a goal

Before you begin this new adventure you must be clear about what you are going to do. It is not worth starting to upload content in a crazy way without first drawing up a strategy and well-defined objectives, as well as being clear about what your style will be, what you are best at and how you are going to show it to the world.

Knowing what it is to be an influencer will give you a plus for knowing what your strong points are and what are going to make you stand out from the rest, it will help you a lot in differentiating yourself from the rest of the influencers. If you manage to do this, your users will be able to identify with what you show them and, therefore, you will get more interaction with them.

Be authentic

Having a personal brand is fundamental when it comes to being an influencer. Like you, there are thousands and thousands of people who are going to do the same thing as you, so avoid the temptation to copy what others do, as it can affect your credibility. So, be yourself, make your own content with your own style and try to get the most out of it.

Quality content

The quality of the content you are going to show is fundamental. Publications with blurred images, typing errors, spelling mistakes, etc. are more than enough of an impediment to get away from our objectives.

To achieve quality content, we advise you that, when you publish something, you should accompany it with a text, which should be short, direct and with a catch. You can also use geolocation to influence the visibility of your publications.

Organic followers

Now that you know a little more about what is an influencer, you may wonder what it is to be an organic follower. The organic followers are those you generate with your own publications, they interact with you, they give "I like", in short, they are in permanent contact with you.

This process can be quite costly, since you will need to gain reputation and visibility as you upload content. What happens is that many are not willing to wait for that moment and decide to use tools to get followers quickly.

However, it is not recommended that you use this practice, since these followers will end up becoming mere numbers and will not bring you anything.

Using hashtags

Use hashtags, but always in moderation, as this is an excellent way to obtain visibility with your publications which will be sorted out and easily found.

However, it's not worth putting hashtags in a crazy way, you have to use them according to the subject you're talking about, it's going to be convenient that you look at the hashtags with more popularity. Don't forget to label the brand in question so that it gets the visibility it's looking for.

How much money can an influencer make?

You have to start from a main base and that is that not all influencers charge the same money. When you know what it is to be an influencer, you will know that everything will depend on the number of followers each one has and what they generate within their digital channels, such as advertising.

Next, we will show you how much an influencer can charge depending on the social network or number of followers:

  • On Twitter and Facebook you can get paid between 80-100 euros for having 10,000 fans, 300 euros if you reach 50,000 and 3,000 if you reach a million fans.
  • Instagram's influencers can charge between 100-150 euros for 10,000 followers, 500 euros if you get 50,000 and 2,500 euros if you are able to reach half a million followers.
  • On other platforms such as YouTube, each video is paid between 150-300 euros for 10,000 followers and 10,000 euros for half a million followers.

As you can see, on all platforms you will not be charged the same and depending on your followers you will be able to take one amount or another, depending on how often you upload content, sales, etc.

What impact do influencers have on a marketing campaign?

Well, it has a great impact within a marketing campaign. Having notions of what it is to be an influencer, you will know that we are talking about people with whole legions of followers eager to read and hear their advice about which product or brand is best. 

These followers, will make a "snowball" effect that will drag other people down, whether they are your followers or offline (word of mouth). Therefore, this strategy can be a real springboard to promote a product.

Therefore, many advertisers in recent times have launched a search for influencers with the main objective of using their media power to promote a brand.

Likewise, the role that influencers play is that of the real friend, in this case virtual, who advises you when you are going to make a purchase decision, but at another level, higher, since these characters exercise a very strong power of attraction and conviction through social networks.

Tips for a good influencer marketing campaign

In order to carry out a good online marketing strategy based on influencers, you must have a solid base in terms of planning and implementation, following to the letter the roadmap that incorporates the steps to follow.

Now that you know better what it means to be an influencer, we will show you 3 key tips to develop a marketing campaign aimed at influencers:

  • You must identify the influencers who are really interested in promoting your products or services. They will be people who personify the values of the brand.
  • When you have located these influencers, you must get them to somehow give visibility to your products with positive comments, product reviews, etc.
  • You can also achieve good results by inviting influencers to your new product launches, webinars, etc.

As you can see, there are 3 quite simple tips to execute, you just have to be patient and find the influencer that best represents your brand and its values.

Types of influencers

Today few people question that influencers are key when it comes to devising a good brand and product strategy through social networks. Nor is there any doubt about the benefits of having this kind of people when it comes to positioning our brand.

At this stage of the article you know what an influencer is and how you can become one of them. But what you probably didn't know was that there are several types of influencers and examples of them. Therefore, below we will show you the different types there are.

Generalist influencers

Within this group you will find the known influencers with many followers. Their main characteristic is that they are idolized people, with a great reputation and very followed in social networks. They are not usually subject to a specific area, but are characterized by being informative or expose reflections on current issues.

Specialist influencers

Here we can frame those people who are relevant within a particular sector. Your followers will be mainly those people who are interested in your market niche. These influencers are considered as true gurus within their sector, so the influence they exert among their audience is notorious. These people follow you all the time and pay attention to what is going on in your daily life, so following a specialist influencer to provide you with all the information about a product can be key.

Product influencers

This influence is characterized by a great deal of knowledge about a specific product or a specific category. These are people who, if you have knowledge of what it is to be an influencer, you will know that they analyze products in depth in terms of their technical aspect, innovations or differences between their products. With respect to specialist influencers, their range of action is much more limited by focusing exclusively on products.

Trend influencers

People who have a high reputation within a specific category. They are usually experts in a particular field, capable of creating trends and innovating within an area. They are very creative influencers and are sure to add a special touch to your marketing campaign.

Micro influencers

There are brands that do not consider a campaign like this at first, but sometimes, without them knowing, they are the most powerful. In this case, they are unknown influencers for the general public of social networks, since they are the direct consumers of the product. Since we already know what it is to be an influencer, it is good to know that the opinion of these people who test the product first hand has great value, whether in positive or negative opinions.

Their value lies in the fact that they will give their real opinion, they are not conditioned by the brand that does not pay them, they have a small and close community that trusts them blindly. A point in favor is undoubtedly that, by not being known, the followers did not associate him with that brand and, therefore, his credibility will not be greater.

Nano influencers

They are people who know a certain sector or a certain subject very well. The main difference with other influencers is that it is on a smaller scale, being less than 10,000 followers. Their advantage is that, as they have few followers, their popularity is reduced in favour of greater interaction and trust with the followers. The profile of followers tends to be similar to that of nano influencers, people with few followers who do more or less the same, hence they follow each other.

Are influencers the new digital sellers?

After reading this guide about what influencers are and how they work, you may think they are the new commercials of the digital age, but the truth is that they have little to do with them. A differential fact is that their modus operandi is totally different. The commercial goes door to door offering the product in question with methods of persuasion to achieve the sale. 

In contrast, influencers limit themselves to reviewing the products, promoting them and representing the brand in question. They don't follow up by knocking on that door to get their products bought, everything is born out of a long process as we have seen throughout the article. In short, knowing what it means to be an influencer will give you the necessary vision to understand that we are facing a new way of selling, perhaps less aggressive on some occasions, closer and more interactive with the followers, creating in turn bonds of trust.

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