What is Brand Awareness? Tips to Improve It

Author : Coco Solution
03 de Octubre, 2019
Discover what Brand Awareness is, its importance, how improve it and avoid it.

Brand Awareness is the way to measure how much consumers remember a brand, its main aspects and the connotation you have of it. In other words, when you have good Awareness it means you are doing a good job of marketing, if not, you better start working with what we tell you in this article.

There are many ways to define and realize a good Brand Awareness, as everything that comes from marketing, depends. How do we hate being told that, huh? But the worst thing is that it's true, marketing is changing and in consequences it implies efforts.

When we talk about brand awareness, which is what we are dealing with here, the important thing is that our customers remember us. But it doesn't only matter that they remember us, no, surely you also remember your ex and not just for something nice.

The same goes for companies and brands, when we want the public to remember us we want them to associate our brand with something positive, such as wonderful services and transcendental values.

In addition, the Internet and social networks have opened up a universe of possibilities when it comes to relating with our clients. This can be something great or a complete filth, because if you do not manage it well could deteriorate the image of your company.

How to know if you have a good Brand Awareness

If your brand is not known to the public, if your work does not seem to be progressing and nobody knows your name or how little your business is talked about is negative and for the worse, then it means that you are not taking enough care of your image in the eyes of your target audience.

When you do a good job of brand awareness, people recognize you, users talk about you and what is said tends to be positive. That's when you realize you're doing a good job.

To do this, you must analyse the news about your company, the social networks, the comments of your customers and your employees. What others think about who you are and what they value about your brand.

You have to analyze if their ideas are in line with what you want to represent and if the answer is negative, you must be doing something wrong. Study what it is and try to improve it or it will be too late.

Remember that just 1 negative comment equals 10 positives. Imagine how late it will be if you ignore them all and do nothing to improve.

How to improve Brand Awareness

As we have already said, making a good Brand Awareness involves work, it is complicated and you have to be very careful with it. As a family we will...

With all this in mind, the best thing we can do is to plan everything so that we don't have to regret it later. Screw-ups are expensive, so let's do things right from the start.

Let's think of our company as a living being, let's personify it, let's not see it as a company but as a person. What qualities does our company have then?

Do we want it to be friendly or do we prefer it to be distant? Do we want it to give a sense of closeness or authority in its sector?... These are all questions we have to ask ourselves. See? What I was saying, a pain in the ass.

After making a study and deciding what personality we want our company to have, we should analyze our employees and instruct them accordingly. After all, they are the face of our business.

In order to improve the Brand Awareness of our company, it would be best if our employees treated the customers according to the personality of our company, because they are the reference of our corporate image and nobody likes hypocrites.

Once we have created the image that the company should have and we have instructed and selected the employees accordingly possibly we have eliminated a lot of future problems.

Now all that remains is to start interacting with society and trying to do our best to get into our role and make it credible. That if they see our brand on the street they feel what we want to convey.

IMPORTANT: the opinion of the employees matters. If you treat your employees badly and they speak ill of you in their circles or on their social networks you can ruin all your previous work by not taking care of a very important factor.

5 + 1 tips to have a good Brand Awareness

You know what Brand Awareness is and we've talked about the basics and essentials, but no, it doesn't end there, there are still many more variables and general aspects to take into consideration. I've already said it, doing things right isn’t easy peasy.

0. Loyalty actions

Promote customer participation, encourage those customers who not only speak well of your brand but also bring in new buyers. Create loyalty programs that offer benefits to those who bring their friends.

Make word of mouth speak for you and good customer referrals make your business grow better. As a person who is now the company the more you are loved the more you will gain the trust of others.

1. Make your brand unique

As we said in this area differentiation is the key and ideally people will remember you in the best possible way. Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal and differentiate yourself not only visually.

Create a corporate manual that includes how your company should look, how it should be run, how the colors and walls should be, the smells, everything. The more you differentiate, the better. Even the way your employees greet you could become something identifying.

2. Do some SEO

This could be categorized as the most important, positioning is one of the most important issues of Brand Awareness. And when we talk about positioning we are not only talking about being the leader in the sector.

We are also talking about having the best possible web positioning, we are talking about SEO, nobody goes to the second page of Google to see what there is.

3. Create good content

Nobody wants a friend who is boring and never brings anything to the group, companies are the same. Be dynamic, interact with your customers, create content and share it with them.

Provide them with interesting information or create funny videos, don't just focus on selling. Who can stand a client that only comes to look?

4. Boost your social media

Social networks are very important. They are the most direct contact the customer has with you, so take good care of them. Take care of them as if you were talking to your partner and your relationship depended on everything going well out there.

Since what people see through the networks will be the most important thing in your company, it is the human aspect that we must give to our corporation by taking care of the Brand Awareness.

5. Collaborate with artists and participate in events

What better place to give out your gifts than at an event you sponsor? Not only do you give them the best gifts, but you're so cool that you even pay for the nights of partying and fun.

So become your clients' best friend, the one they love and support the most. In this way, even though you may make mistakes, they will understand you, you are human and you make mistakes.

Companies that are committed to society and support movements of interest tend to be those that last the longest and are most successful in the long run.

7 + 1 recommendations to avoid bad Brand Awereness

There are certain issues that affect us negatively when we intend to define our brand. Keep in mind what we said before, we want to be remembered, but not at any price. No one likes a heavy friend who repeats himself ad nauseam.

As such, we are going to mention some of the things you should avoid if you don't want to be labeled as that companion that no one wants to see even if you pay them.

0. Not defining your brand

If your brand image is not well defined, you have no personality and ultimately no credibility. We all have a friend that listens to reggaeton today, but tomorrow heavy metal will be the world for him/her.

Don't let the same thing happen to you, please, avoid us having to educate you and do things right from the beginning. Your target customers should recognize your brand when they see it on social networks.

Your brand must include:

  • A logo.
  • A slogan.
  • Specific colours, fonts and graphics.
  • A mascot or spokesperson.
  • A tone that customers recognize.

1. Being like me

So, don't be lazy, work and above all, use your brains. Be innovative and create new things. Don't approach clients with the same formulas a thousand times, they'll get bored and get tired of you.

Renew yourself and improve the message you want to give to your clients. Allow them to enjoy new experiences, that brings value.

2. Being unconscious

This is one of the biggest mistakes in Brand Awareness, remember what I told you about hypocrisy. Don't show a different image of what you want to show you are. For that you must be fully aware of your goals and act accordingly.

3. Too much rebranding

Does this really need to be explained? It's very much like the previous music situation, you can't constantly change your brand image. It's good to renew yourself and adapt to the changing world.

But that doesn't mean you should change your logo every year, nobody will remember you if you do that and you will only end up confusing your own customers. In the end they won't even know what values you have.

4. Exaggerating your marketing efforts

By insisting more you won't get a person who already rejected you to accept you more. Give them time to think, then they'll realize you're the best match. Do a little begging, don't show that you're desperate for them to buy your products.

5. Not positioning the brand properly

When I told you to write content and work your social networks I didn't tell you to forget about the important stuff; you're here to sell.

Therefore, do not let your content distract you, always remember your goal and position yourself in the niches that are beneficial to you.

Support the measures that contribute most to your Brand Awareness and don't make unnecessary efforts. This is hard enough as it is, don't make life too difficult for yourself.

6. Sending too much messages

Be direct, do not give complex or transcendental messages. Remember your goal and communicate based on it. If you give more than one message at the same time people will be distracted, remember that we have little time and too much to do to be listening to you.

7. Not protecting your brand identity

If your brand is not protected and has a good look before you finish preparing it, some smart guy will come and take advantage of your work.

Don't let them. Have your identity protected and your procedures also don't let others steal what is yours, which already cost you enough to work on.


Do you see how doing Brand Awareness well involves a lot of work? Well then, what the hell do you expect? Start working, you have a lot to do and it is very important for you to do it well. Anyway, in case you're as lazy as I am and don't feel like working on your brand, leave it in the hands of professionals like those at Coco Solution.

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