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Das WeltAuto Canarias

Previous situation

As you can see in the photo, before the website of dwacanarias was very basic, with many needs that had to be covered with a new website and, taking advantage of the occasion, with a new design.


Our specialised team was able to meet the needs, taking advantage of a common connection between several vehicle marketplaces, a central connection connected to internal APIs and the possibility of access to third parties to publish their offer.


Category: Web development

How did we do it?

Several meetings were set up to collect all the needs and define a complete multi-month project, aiming for an early MPV, but fully scalable. Today we're beyond our initial goals and continue to scale the project.

exchanging car keys


Our main objective was to create a central hub that controls everything, as it's not just one website, but 3, with a huge potential to scale to more in the future, each with a common stock and its own stock.


From minute one, we had already made the avis application and the vehicle reservation system worked very well, and we were able to replicate it in this project.

Implemented improvements

The main improvements that were implemented included a booking system, a financing calculation system, an internal area for third parties, among other elements.

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