Lovesharing: a Successful SEO Case Study

Lovesharing: a Successful SEO Case Study
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At Coco Solution we are very proud not only of our daily work and the results obtained, but also of the satisfaction of our customers. Thus, today we want to talk about the successful SEO case of one of our favourite clients: Lovesharing.

What is Lovesharing?

Lovesharing, a company included in Domingo Alonso Group, was born in 2018 with the aim of becoming the reference for mobility services based on sharing in the Canary Islands. And what a success!

One of the great reasons why the first and only motosharing service in the Canary Islands is so successful is thanks to the ease of use of its service (you only have to download an app to drive its electric motorbikes) and its really attractive prices.

However, in order to reach the target audience it wasn’t enough just to carry out good advertising campaigns, as the online presence had to be worked on thoroughly. And this is where Coco Solution came into play.

A 100% personalized and SEO-friendly website

Before we started to implement a positioning strategy we needed a website to work on. In this way, our developers created a website that was fully optimised for SEO.

How did they achieve this? The answer is simple: through a fully SEO-friendly custom development and with exclusive tools to work SEO better.

A SEO strategy that guarantees results

It's not a question of boasting about it, but the facts are there and they speak for themselves. After many hours of research, the ideal SEO strategy was implemented. To prove it, just look at the following graph:

As can be seen, the number of daily visits has reached 1,000 in less than two years. As if that weren't enough, traffic has grown exponentially, reaching approximately 15,000 visits today, as we can see below:

But... how was this possible? Basically, the positioning improved because of the following.

Blog conceived to position

A SEO Content strategy was established with the goal of increasing both traffic and visibility of the website. This aspect of positioning is one of the most important for quickly gaining a name on the Internet.

One of the keys was to write SEO-oriented articles that worked on both main, secondary keywords and long tails. This was coupled with regularity in writing and uploading content.

By publishing a weekly article (always reviewed and validated by the client so that the information was always true, something vital in the eyes of Google), numerous keywords were positioned at the top of the search engine.

It should be noted that, although the client doesn’t currently offer any kind of carsharing service, our SEO strategy took into account the future possibility of expanding the business, so we also decided to consider this.

In this way, we tried to get the attention of users who don’t directly seek Lovesharing services, but who do show interest in electric mobility.

Some of the keywords, both business and informational, for which this website is positioned are the following (in Spain):










coches eléctricos con más autonomía (electric cars with longest range)



motos eléctricas 2020 (electric motorbikes 2020)



A great example of this is the keyword ‘coches eléctricos con más autonomía’, which got the rich snippet over specialized portals such as MotorPasión or Autofácil:

Be that as it may, the number of keywords for which Lovesharing is positioning is currently around 1000, of which 250 are those located between positions 1 and 3 and 750 between positions 4 and 10, i.e. on the first page:

Interlinking, a key factor

That the content and architecture of the site are essential aspects of the success of Lovesharing is beyond doubt, but the internal linking or interlinking also contributed greatly to improving the SEO of the website.

In this way, a strategy was implemented in which special consideration was given to link juice. In other words, part of the strength of the pages with more authority was transferred to those with less to give the latter a boost at the SEO level.

For example, if a blog article ranked very well for a certain keyword, part of its link juice was redirected to a service page so that the latter would climb up the search engine rankings. The final objective of (almost) every website is to convert.

Link building

The Off Page SEO was also worked after completing the On Page SEO phase. In this way, a link profile was created that would help attract more traffic to the Lovesharing website and achieve greater domain authority.

Thus, we decided to work on a monthly link strategy with both media related to the client's business and with renowned portals, which undoubtedly pleases Google and positively affects positioning.

Regular content curation

SEO doesn't end here, but the content of the website must be reviewed regularly to see what works best and apply it to those that haven't yet been started. This is the process known as content curation.

In this way, the whole site is constantly audited to neutralize possible technical errors and to optimize the contents in the best possible way. For a website, maintenance is extremely important.

What about the future?

After a brainstorming session in the SEO department, it was decided to start the ASO positioning of Lovesharing, i.e. to position the brand's app so that it appears as high as possible on the most important marketplaces: App Store and Google Play.

After studying in detail the algorithms of these virtual shops, we believe that this is a great opportunity to position the Lovesharing app much better within its market niche.

As can be seen, the Lovesharing app has yet to climb a few positions to better rank if we compare it with the main business keywords of its rivals:

Looking at some of the main characteristics of the apps in this type of business, it's clear that Lovesharing still has a lot of room for growth:

In short, Lovesharing was conceived from the beginning at Coco Solution thanks to the close collaboration with the client. The spectacular results achieved at the SEO level are nothing more than the result of the hard work of the entire team.

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