What's Coco Solution?

We are a digital marketing agency in the Canary Islands specializing in web design and development, programming, SEO, SEM and Social Media. We were born from the demand of many Canarian businesses, who needed to open their horizons and increase their sales through a quality digital marketing strategy.

Our team is expert in web design and development in the Canary Islands thanks to many years of experience understanding each of the changes that were emerging in the sector, not only adapting to these, but innovating and setting new standards that guarantee our clients a top and personalized experiencie by choosing us.

This is one of my most ambitious projects we've ever had, and all of this wouldn't be possible without our excellent co-workers that we have in our team. Something that shows that working together is always better, as we learn something every day in a very fun and proactive way, a key point of our success.

Why Coco Solution?

Coconut is an aromatic fruit, full of flavor and with the ability to refresh anyone who enjoys its fresh and sweet nectar. It is tropical, it nourishes from the sun and the happiness that a coastline of blonde sand and crystalline waters brings. And, despite having a meat capable of captivating everyone who tastes it, has a hard skin, is a rock and strict with the braves ones that are willing to discover its interior.

We are like this fruit, able to feel a 100% of each project, touch with our fingertips the soul of the ideas are created from the most beautiful dream and the most intense illusion. We provide a wave of emotions, aroma and freshness so necessary and scarce today in most businesses. We make your brand echoes in every corner you are interested, as we work with efficiency, passion and dedication.

We are hard, demanding and effective as the robust skin of the coconut and soft, velvety and emotional as its interior. Our team puts the icing on the cake to a hurricane of emotions that involves seeing how your project takes the first steps to have the visibility it deserves. Welcome to the most unique service and get ready to meet a group of (coco)nuts that will be ready to help your business or project stand out with all the delicacy, exigency and professionalism it deserves.

You'll have Coconfidence in us

Long ago, we decided that we were made for each other. Coco Solution is the result of the union of two crazy friends and professionals of very different backgrounds. On the one hand is Jordán Díaz, an expert in Web Design, Development and Programming with more than 15 years in the sector working with very important clients in the Canary Islands. On the other hand is Orlando Santana, the undoubtedly prime SEO expert in the Canary Islands, a real star in his field with plenty of astonishing results on his back.

Personalization is a key issue for us, as we have the ability to adapt and empathize with each and every one of the projects we make, resulting in a final conversion rate optimization that will make your business grow quickly. You will see in all our works the affection and dedication we put in order to get your project to its full potential.

Teamwork. That's the guarantee we provide and that will do nothing but increase your confidence in us, transforming it into Coconfidence, a quality of delegating and obtaining maximum tranquility, because you already know that there are few things harder and fresher than a good coconut. If we have the belief that we can do it, we shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if we may not have it at the beginning.

What about you? Do you have an idea, business or project? What are you waiting to taste the Coco?