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29 de Octubre, 2021
All you should know about them and how to implement them in your digital strategy.

For a company, communication with its clientele is crucial to increase the number of sales and, consequently, increase trust and be able to resolve any questions that the customer has at the time of purchase. purchase of a product or service. For this, having a communication channel is vital to know what a chatbot is.

In this sense, artificial intelligence has become a wide range of possibilities to add to digital marketing strategies. This is where chatbots are born, becoming an increasingly used resource in all web and online interactions.

It all sounds a bit Chinese to you, right? Do not worry because then, in the following lines, we are going to explain this concept in depth, what types exist, what is their true use and, most important of all, we will offer you the best examples of chatbots for your website.

What are chatbots?

what are chatbots

The first thing we are going to do is develop the concept of a chatbot. It is a computer program capable of holding a conversation with a human being or with another type of intelligence.

But are we going to have a deep and relaxed conversation with a machine? Of course not. Chatbots are used on web pages, in apps, in automatic responses to emails, in automated conversations by SMS or as a communication tool such as Facebook or Telegram.

The use of this tool can be varied as we will see throughout the article. But to get you started, if you don't know what a chatbot is, we can tell you that they are very capable of providing information to the client about the conditions of your company, managing orders or making reservations.

Types of chatbots

There are many types of chatbots depending on their complexity, installation or management. Next, we are going to show you the most used types and the ones that best suit companies.

We are going to divide them into 3 main types: according to intelligence, interaction or according to the channel.

types of chatbots

Chatbots according to intelligence

Here we can distinguish:

  • Dumb chatbots: type of software that works with sequential logic, following simple commands that are previously entered. It is the most basic option, with responses more of the conventional type. This chatbot includes a frequently asked questions page, predefined answers or the creation of a landing page to capture leeds.
  • Word-spotting chatbots: capable of recognizing all kinds of keywords in the interactions you may have with customers, being able to configure pre-configured responses according to those words.
  • AI chatbots: we are facing the most advanced chatbots incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning. They can interpret human language to the point of interacting with it and responding according to the context, achieving a greater naturalness in the conversation.

Chatbots according to interaction

Now that you know what a chatbot is, you will discover that within this type we are going to find:

  • Textual chatbots: the most basic ones only capable of interacting with the client through text messages.
  • Multimedia chatbots: they combine text messages with elements that can simulate a human conversation through messaging apps, including photos, videos or gifs.
  • Voice chatbots: they are capable of interpreting all those requests that are produced by users, answering them through a speaker as Siri or Alexa do.

Chatbox according to the channel

And finally, we find chatbots according to the channel such as:

  • Website chatbots: one of the best known integrated into websites to interact with the user. It can be in charge of 24-hour customer service, generate leads or guide users in the purchase of services or products.
  • Social networks chatbots: in social networks what you want is to generate engagement with users and be able to respond 24 hours a day.
  • Instant messaging chatbots: here you can integrate bots in WhatsApp or other channels such as Telegram, allowing companies to access places where their users are already and serve them.
  • Omnichannel chatbots: it is normal that if you do not know what a chatbot is, you do not know that there are some of these elements that are capable of offering an omnichannel user experience without any type of friction, regardless of the channel that user decides to choose. 

The 5 best chatbots for your website

As you well know by now, there is a wide variety of chatbots that you can choose for your website.

Each of them responds to the different needs you may have and a wide variety of designs, all very effective and interesting to implement for your relationship with your clients.

Therefore, we show you below what, in our opinion, are the 5 best examples of chatbots for your website.

1. Hubspot


It is one of the most used tools. It allows you to have many conversations in the chat of the website, besides it can automate the processes, which is a great help for your work team so that it can focus on answering more important questions.

You do not need deep or very technical knowledge. It has visual templates and tutorials to take your first steps in the tool. One detail to keep in mind if you do not know what a chatbot is, is that you can edit the visual tone, which makes each conversation unique by modifying the tone and voice of your brand.

Likewise, you can collect all kinds of data from your users to later store them in the chronology of the contacts. One point in favor is that Hubspot is totally free, making it an option to consider if you are considering implementing bots on your website. 

2. LiveChat


We now enter a very powerful chatbot, which is able to centralize, thanks to its control panel, all the conversations that take place on each of the pages of your website.

LiveChat is a tool that allows you to follow up on your users in real time, it can start conversations by itself and it can transfer information from one conversation to another.

It has a customization capacity, together with analysis and administration functions that make it an attractive tool.

Its free trial is 30 days, and then subscribe per month in its basic plan for 16 euros per month per agent and 33 euros per month for teams billing annually. Ideal for those companies or websites with a lot of traffic. 

3. Smartsupp


If you know how to handle well and you know what a chatbot is, you will be faced with the easiest application to install and to integrate naturally into all kinds of media, whether they are voice, chat or social networks.

Smartsupp has advanced customization, with real-time monitoring of conversions or sales. It allows you to have a record of all the relevant information of the chats from a single screen, being able to configure objectives and different follow-ups.

The free version it has is quite complete. However, if you want to go further and take advantage of it 100%, it has different plans for teams or professionals. 

4. SnatchBot


If yours are mobile devices, web applications and services like Facebook or Skype, SnatchBot is your tool.

This chatbot is easily managed, apart from allowing you to create an automated or human bot, you can design different types of conversations without providing any technical or programming knowledge, a point in favor for those who do not handle websites very well.

Its free version will provide you with everything you are looking for in a chatbot. However, their payment options are quite affordable at $ 0.0030 per message. 

5. Aivofinish


And wethis review to know what a chatbot is with a tool that is capable of accessing reports, has content in video format, managing content or multichannel communication.

We are talking about Aivo, which offers chatbots with conversational artificial intelligence. What does this mean? Well, you can have a conversation with customers in a very natural way and on any digital channel.

In addition, it has an online chat that assists all your agents to provide more agile and efficient service to your users.

Conclusion: immediate communication is an ally of the lead

chatbot communication

Communication for everything in life is essential. And in the world of digital marketing and the strategies that are followed within a website it was not going to be less.

Being able to communicate with customers or users is to be able to get closer to them, establish a connection that already existed in offline channels and that many, with the arrival of new technologies, thought it was going to be lost and the truth is that Although it may seem like it, it has not been completely lost

Thanks to new technologies and advances, it has been possible to implement tools that favor online communication channels, capable of establishing conversations or solving problems.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who think that the essence of customer service has been lost, it is not so important to communicate with users, or you simply do not know what a chatbot is, with this article we wanted zoom in and show even more, that this essence has not been lost, that it is still in force and the importance of communication on websites.

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