5 Tips to Edit your Photos on Instagram

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27 de Septiembre, 2021
Get to know 5 super tips to edit your photos on Instagram and start hitting it on your social networks, even if it's a little more than you do now.

We have to admit it, (even if it costs us) we take photos of everything, even what we are going to eat! And we always end up doing the same gesture: open Instagram, select the photo in turn, retouch it and upload it. As a result, the need to retouch and "make the photos beautiful" has begun to be created so that they are good and look beautiful. Therefore, knowing how to edit photos for instagram has become something necessary among users of the social network.

Instagram is the social network for photography. It has millions of users around the world who share with others their moments and their art taking photos.

Although you think that it is easy to make the pertinent retouching to the photos, the truth is that uploading those images with the highest quality is not so easy.

We know perfectly well that you need help to make the photos that you are going to upload to the social network perfect. Therefore, we come to offer you a series of tips and advice so that you can do it quickly and easily from your mobile phone.

5 tips to edit photos on Instagram

With the advent of digital photography, photo editing has become more accessible and simple. There are thousands of editing applications that we can find in any app store that considerably improve the original photographs.

With them, you can erase some imperfections, stains, accentuate the colors and the most annoying thing in the photos, those people who slip into them unintentionally (wanting to).

Currently, all our smartphones have integrated photo editing tools, very useful for the purpose we want to achieve with our photographs.

Therefore, below we are going to give you the best 5 tips to know how to edit photos for Instagram, from the comfort of your mobile phone and with results that, as you will see, will leave you quite satisfied and you can take the step of publishing them on your profile.

1. A basic point: light

round light

We are in the mountains, a spectacular sunset, we want to immortalize that precise moment and suddenly ... a photo against the light and the snapshot !. We took the photo again from another position and received the same result, how frustrating, right?

How many times has this happened to us, and we have ended up unhinged and without taking the photo we wanted. As you well know, the light can spoil the photo.

If you have high or low light, you will have to move around to get the exposure and contrast.

What do we mean by contrast and light? Well, the light in this case will be the amount of light that the photo will have and the contrast will be the difference between the bright and dark parts.

To capture a good photo, try not to lose your mind, move little by little from place to capture the essence of the photo and remember, our mobiles have tools that can modify the light in the photo to a greater or lesser extent.

2. Focus

If you don't know how to focus, you will hardly know how to edit photos for Instagram. How many photos we have seen in any social network or photos that our friends and family pass us with a dubious approach that make us bring out that touch that we may have.

The importance of giving a good focus to photography is crucial so that it shows all the splendor of it. An out of focus photo just doesn't work.

So that this does not happen to you, the best thing is to resort to the grids that the tools of the cameras of our smartphones have.

3. Flash

flash gif

We have the belief and firm conviction that flash photos are wonderful and look great and the truth is that they don't! Flash photos from cell phones are not wonderful, sorry, but we had to say it.

We must think that a smartphone is not a reflex camera, with which we can expose both the background and the objective that we want to immortalize.

Photos with a flash towards an object will be seen with too much lighting, with a very black background, creating an artificial light that is not visual at all.

If you are in a dark environment or it is at night, lean on the night modes that mobile phones have and you will see that it is different with respect to the flash. Your photos will have a better quality and you will be able to show in all its essence the scenery, landscape or person you want.

4. Horizontal or vertical: which one is better?

It will depend a lot on whether you know how to edit photos for Instagram and the type of photo you want to take, the portrait or landscape mode will be better for you.

If you want to take a total look photo, it is better to do it vertically, since in this way you will achieve a better angle to highlight all the details, both of the environment and of the person you are photographing.

If, on the other hand, you want to take a flat lay photo, a photo of the sky or some object, horizontally you will be able to cover much more space and better show the surface of the photograph.

In short, if you want to take a selfie, take a photo of someone, it is best to do it vertically and if you want to take a photo of a landscape, it is best to do it horizontally.

5.  Filters

magnifying glass filter information

Well, we may have overdone filters a bit so, in moderation like everything in life.

In the app store we can find a lot of apps where you can increase the intensity of the filter you have chosen for your photo.

Try to find one that can highlight the most beautiful parts of the photo. At this point where you know how to edit photos for Instagram, try not to resort to those filters that saturate the image and distort it, causing the true essence of photography to be lost.

Likewise, if we abuse a lot using all kinds of filters, instead of getting a good result and having the coolest photo of all Instagram, what we will achieve is the opposite effect, that the photo becomes opaque and loses all its naturalness.

This is our post dedicated to how to take photos for instagram. As you have seen, it is not difficult to edit the photos and leave them to our liking, performing this action will take up a short space of our valuable time.

Sometimes, we tiptoe through the photos we take, we just take the photo, add it to the stories or create a post, we hang them up and forget everything.

To look for the long-awaited like without caring about anything else.

However, if you take a little of your time, you are able to apply the tips that we have offered and put your creative skills into practice, you will get some photos that will surely stand out on Instagram.

Trust us, you will get much more than a few simple likes, you will attract the attention of many profiles.

Therefore, now that you know how to edit photos for Instagram, it is the perfect time to launch into the adventure of editing and discover a new world full of possibilities.

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