Product Data Sheet: the Key to Sell Even More

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15 de Julio, 2021
Discover first-hand what a product data sheet is and start selling your ecommerce catalog as it deserves. Expert tips and tricks for your online business.

Hello, dear owner, I am your product and I would like you to tell your customers and Google who I am. That's why I'm going to take the time to tell you what a product data sheet is and how to make it pretty so that everyone who enters your online shop can see and know everything about me and all my colleagues from the entire catalogue you sell.

I want you to value me and expose me very well, because I deserve it, because I am equal or better than my competitors. Shall we start?

What is a product data sheet?

A data sheet is the online display of a product or service that is sold or promoted on a website or online shop. It displays information such as price, discount, payment method, shipping and technical data and features.

A large part of the customer's final decision is found in this file. More than 70% of the responsibility for the sale lies on this page, where every detail must be taken care of so that the customer ends up with the product in the basket and finally converts.

Yes, not everything is about price, there is much more to it than just putting a tempting offer... In fact, the ecommerce with the highest revenues are not those that offer the cheapest products, but those that know how to sell them as they deserve.

Dear owner, you have to take care of every single part of your product sheet on the site. What are those parts? Here I will explain them to you:

Parts of a product data sheet

Give them love, please...


I have a name and I belong to a category, this is the place where you present me properly to my potential clients. 


Photograph each of my sides, with my beautiful packaging, let them see what a good product I am. In the end, the vast majority of things come through the eyes.

If you put me in a bad profile and only put a picture, you are not doing me justice. #PrayForTheProduct

Let this be the first thing you see next to my name. On the left, as users see from top to bottom and left to right.


Let it be seen in a big way how much I'm worth! And if you give me a discount, let it be appreciated the opportunity you have to enjoy me.

Just a tip: put it just below my name, please!

Ratings and promotions

Along with the price, I want to be liked by those who buy from me. Influence is a key element in decision making. What would you buy: a brand that is recommended to you or one that you have never heard of? That's what reviews are for. Let people talk about me.

Shipping and payment details

If they don't know how they can get me and pay for me, how do you want to get paid? People like to know if they can pay in instalments, by credit card or PayPal, how long it will take to get me to their house, what courier you will send me with and how much my delivery will cost... You have to put all that in there.

It looks like I'm going overboard but it's true that it's necessary, trust me.

Quality certificates

Also if I have a seller's guarantee, that is to say yours, that you are my seller... If what you buy is of quality, if you can return it, if your payment is secure... You can put it with icons like the example I gave you. They look super cool!

Description and technical information

This is where it has to be seen that you know me and that you know how to describe me in an analytical and commercial way.

Don't be terse or shy, I know it's hard for you to say what you think and feel, but show your love for me and transmit it to your customers! 

You can do it in a thousand ways, with icons and nice text, with lists... You choose how, but do it well.

Choose the one you want, but let them see who I am. I want the world to know me. Remember that the more you describe me, the better you will sell me and above all, the more Google will like me.

Examples of product data sheets

I'm going to make it even easier for you with 3 product data sheets that I like and then I'll leave you some references so that you can show me off as I deserve, ok?

As much information as possible

Everything the user needs to know, ideal for technical products whose users look at every last detail.


The content is condensed into a series of technical sections and a commercial description that makes you feel the product without having bought it.

Agile outline and content

There are many products of the same model and they all maintain similar characteristics. It uses a communicative style based on lists. All the information is on a single screen.

How to make a product data sheet?

Dear owner, nowadays most websites have all the fields you need to make a product listing enabled. With the advice I have given you I am confident that you will know how to sell me correctly.

Ask the person who is going to make your website or look at the template you want to hire, these requirements that I have marked, because only then you will have the possibility of having a beautiful product sheet to describe me and all my colleagues in the catalogue. 

But if you think it's too much work, or if you see that you don't have time or you don't have the capacity to do it, there are people who love us, such as copywriters and specialists in copywriting and sales content marketing, who will do a beautiful job with us.

Ask them for a quote and go for quality. This is not a task to be done lightly. I want to find a home and you want to make an income with me, so why don't you expose me in the way I deserve and make a product sheet to match?

Sincerely, your product on behalf of your entire catalogue.

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