Emotional Marketing: All You Need to Know

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22 de Marzo, 2021
Emotional Marketing complete guide. Concept and how to apply it in your strategy. Discover all its advantages!

Marketing is known as a discipline with a wide variety of possibilities. It is possible to apply hundreds of different marketing strategies to grow a business. One of the strategies most used by big brands is undoubtedly the emotional marketing.

This strategy is used to make the brand recognisable to consumers, among many other things. Do you want to know more about this strategy?

What is Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing is, in short, a speciality of marketing used by all types of brands. Its objective is to get to know its public in order to create a "relationship" with users, whether or not they are consumers of the brand's products or services. With this approach, the aim is to create a feeling of belonging to the users towards the brand, making them wish to be part of it.

With this strategy, the aim is to increase sales by touching the emotions and feelings of users. There are several emotions that exist among people. Within the primary universal emotions we find:

  • Joy
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Sadness

Depending on the message and the channel through which you want to transmit it, one emotion or another will be aroused, so you must choose well how you communicate according to the feeling you want to arouse in the user.

Applying this strategy is not easy, as it requires prior knowledge on the part of the brand of its target audience, how they think, how they act and, above all, how they feel.

How to use Emotional Marketing in your strategy

As we have said, in order to apply an emotional marketing strategy it is necessary to know the brand's target audience. Once their tastes and motivations have been identified, we will be a little closer to touching their heartstrings and awakening in them emotions that favour the interests of the brand.

One of the most interesting feelings that brands can awake in users is admiration. If they admire what the brand does, they will want to be part of it. There are several ways to make users admire a brand, although the main way to achieve this is by carrying out good actions that inspire the brand's audience to be part of it.

Showing an example of how the brand overcomes and how it works with a close communication tone will make users feel identified with what the brand does and offers.

Moreover, although it may sound corny, showing users that you love the brand is a highly valued plus point. You can't sell a product or service that you don't feel for or believe in.

Humanising the brand is one of the most effective ways to make the user feel identified with what it offers. To do this, it is vital to identify the buyer persona's habits or aspirations. Once identified, you will be able to express yourself in the same "language", generating trust and acceptance.

Examples of Emotional Marketing

There are several brands that have become known nationally and internationally for their use of emotional marketing. Here are some of the best examples:

Christmas Lottery Announcement 2020

The Spanish National Lottery advertisements have a high acceptance by the Spanish people. These advertisements are designed to awaken a feeling of illusion and hope that makes millions of people buy a ticket for these special dates.


Colca-Cola is one of the brands that best implements emotional marketing. Every year, it comes out with ads that resonate with users. With this advertisement, Coca-Cola awakens in users the feeling that they can buy a product that adapts to their own needs, as there are different sizes and formats.


Patagonia is characterised by dedicating its resources to social causes. Therefore, with ads whose content has emotional marketing, they try to touch the fibre of the users, generating confidence that what they spend will be destined to a good cause.

Advantages of Emotional Marketing. Is it as good as they say?

Emotional marketing is quite beneficial for brands if used properly. The advantages of a good emotional marketing strategy are the following:

Customer loyalty. If you manage to convey a message that arouses different emotions in users, they will feel part of the brand, feeling identified with everything it represents. This will allow users to be loyal to the brand's products or services, avoiding other brands that do not provide them with the same sentimental value.

  • Brand recommendation. A customer identified with the brand usually recommends it to an average of 3 people. If the strategy is well executed, this is a great asset in favour of growing a brand.
  • Reinforced brand image. Working on the basis of feelings or emotions humanises brands. A humanised brand is closer and more personal, so it will be easily accepted by users.
  • Brand positioning. A product or service accompanied by a message that arouses certain emotions in a customer, will be easier to remember, so it will definitely help to increase the position in which the brand is within the variety of options that a person has when making a purchase.
  • Differentiation. A message that arouses the curiosity of users and touches their heartstrings will differentiate a brand from other brands in the same sector that do not have a well-defined digital marketing strategy.
  • Economic benefits. If we add up all of the above, we can conclude that the combination of new customers and loyal customers, in addition to a well-positioned brand, results in an increase in the economic benefits of the company.


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