PsychoMarketing: the Psychology of Shopping

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29 de Enero, 2021
The psychological factor in purchasing decisions is of vital importance for today's businesses.

Did you know that there are many factors that affect personality? Both memories and thoughts condition the decisions we make on a daily basis, something that helps to make us who we are. For this reason, big product sales companies try to appeal to the more instinctive ‘me’ in order to get us to buy their products or services. It's all part of a technique called PsychoMarketing.

If a big company needs to know whether its products will be successful, it will often commission research to investigate the market and find out who its target audience is. In other words, they try to narrow down the number of potential buyers because, obviously, the product or service is not designed for everyone. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Of course, there is a point where such studies face psychology, and thus a number of questions arise:

  • What motivates us to buy one product and not another?
  • What impact do our experiences have on our purchasing decisions?
  • What kind of stimuli make us more sensitive to commercial impacts?
  • How do we react to certain advertising situations?

To answer all these questions (and many more) related to psychology, one has to enter the wonderful world of PsychoMarketing.

What is PsychoMarketing?

A good definition of PsychoMarketing is as follows:

PsychoMarketing is a tool that studies the consumer's buying process in relation to their non-conscious decisions.

Marketing psychology is used to find out what happens in our heads when we buy, so that we can receive the stimuli, impacts and products that are appropriate to our personality, our needs and our emotional state. Nowadays, most of the decisions we make have a non-conscious origin.

Thus, there are many factors that are not obvious at first glance. If this is applied to modern marketing techniques, it can be seen that these decisions are made with a decisive influence on our emotional side, beyond reasoning. For this reason, we do not perceive some brands or products in the same way as others, even though technically they may be or appear to be almost identical.

Objectives of Marketing-Oriented Psychology

The goal of PsychoMarketing is, in short, to try to solve different questions and scenarios in order to define methodologies that enhance the stimuli capable of inducing us to buy through advertising impacts, seduction or retention, among others.

If we think about it, it is logical that many brands and companies want to influence our purchasing decisions by studying the relationship and the cause that links behaviour and mind, since their viability may depend on the decisions made by consumers.

Major brands invest considerable time and money in hiring experts and neuroscientists who analyse consumer desires to understand their responses and decisions and put in place market-tailored marketing strategies to optimise their productivity.

The 3 Definitive Rules of PsychoMarketing

Broadly speaking, there are three essential points on which any marketing-led psychology strategy must be based in order to be viable and have a chance of success.

1. Friendly Atmosphere

It doesn't matter if it's an ecommerce or a physical shop. The consumer has to feel comfortable and wanting to stay. That's why the more welcoming the shop, the higher the return.

2. Innovation

If a strategy has been successful, it can be repeated once in a while, but not to infinity. It is not possible to live on past results forever because the market is changing rapidly. The methodology has to evolve along with consumer trends.

3. Stimulation

A PsychoMarketing strategy should be based, as far as possible, on the stimulation of the five senses. The human brain will associate the object or sales space with the positive aspects of its life if it favours or produces a good feeling of well-being.

The Power of Psychology in Selling Products and Ideas Using Emotions

If the goal is to achieve more sales, the ideal is to know the consumers and give them value in all business actions. Undoubtedly, the power of decision will lean towards companies that apply the above rules and that are in tune with the variables of service, price and quality.

This is the only way to achieve success in marketing strategies. If you don't believe it, just check that a large number of the advertising impacts of today's marketing are based on knowledge about how our mind works. Did you ever imagine that psychology could be applied in this way in marketing?

Now that you know what PsychoMarketing is, you can start using it in your strategies. However, if you have no experience in the field we have the solution to your problems: Coco Solution. Do not hesitate to contact our excellent team of professionals specialised in digital marketing, who will help you in every possible way.

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