TIPS to Write 24/7 and Live to Tell It

Author : Coco Solution
31 de Julio, 2019
Writing all day long is tiring, but not impossible!

I was getting a little air after writing about 8 hours at the office, when suddenly, as if falling from the sky, I came in to read an article that talked about the tiredness it meant for a content editor to be writing about the same subject during most of his working time.

I was frightened to see the high percentage of copywriters who claimed to be suffering from some kind of work fatigue because they were writing on the same topics for so long...

Of course, sometimes we don't fall that we have customers who are dedicated to the same thing, so their target audience is very similar, turning a beautiful job into a real tostón.

But we must fight against this, both copywriters and content writers, we must fight because our profession does not become a tedious and boring routine.

If you're just starting out in this world and you're running out of it, get ready because we're going to show you some tricks that we content writers use to keep writing about the same or different topics without your head exploding.

WARNING! sometimes customers won't let us be as creative as we want to be and we'll have to cope with their demands and think deep inside "Google, forgive him because he doesn't know what he's saying".

There are two types of enemies of the copywriter and the content editor (if, although many times they are the same person, you have to know how to differentiate both things):

  • Ourselves: we're going to get tired, there will be days when the brain doesn't work and it's better that we go out and get some air, a fresh beer, laugh and disconnect. We can also be victims of the lack of empathy with our profession, but this is true with all jobs that offer services to clients.
  • Clients: talking about these… we are going to stumble upon clients who think they know everything about what their company or project needs, thinking that since it is their money, they have the right to tell us how to do our job, forgetting that if they have hired some marketing service, it is because they are not experts in the area.

This causes them to want to cut the creativity and the way of operating of a team of writers and SEO.

Before this you have to become a mentor and explain to the client why it is necessary to work the texts and articles being creative and applying a style of communication adapted to their clients. If this doesn't work, then... it's time to do what they say... What are we going to do?

And enough of tips that lead to nothing, let's get to the point, the important topic, the tricks to be a pro so that your production levels reach "God Mode" level.

Let's introduce you…

TOP 7 Tricks to Survive as Copywriter

It is likely that we will have to flee the country or online civilization. Our bosses are already preparing our passports to change our identities and escape copywriters who don't want to share their secrets of productivity, although we have to admit that we belong to a very altruistic community, but... doesn't it look good to flee for the sake of sharing secrets? 

Well, let's start with these tricks that copywriters and content writers use and that are worth more than gold, more like a wallet full of crypto coins!

1. Have ALWAYS Coffee by Your Side

Caffeine, or in its defect theine, it is necessary to have the body and the mind activated, and for that our allies are the coffee machines. We don't care what kind of coffee machines, capsules, Italian style, American... we don't care. We are only going to ask you for one thing:


Coffee will keep you active, work better in the morning, make the most of your production capacity and you'll be making 2,000 word articles in an hour. You have to listen to us, the coffee is the key.

2. A Cool and Long Playlist

Music is the pillar of concentration. I don't know a single content writer or copywriter who doesn't listen to music in order to concentrate when writing.

The more epic the theme, the more you will notice in our words because the songs have the ability to submerge in a state of mind conducive to writing and writing, getting the words to flow through the hands on the subject we have previously studied until we become familiar with it.

What kind of music is best for writing?

We use soundtracks, we're freaks and we like being freaks. Those songs that have elevated the record of great movies, those composers that put music to our lives.

We are going to leave you the link to our playlist so that you can see which is the music that fills with nuances the texts that we create in Coco Solution:

3. Get Up Every Two Hours

Let's see, we already know that the Pomodoro method is becoming fashionable for organising production time, establishing five-minute breaks every 25 minutes of work.

But in the case of the editors, including myself, when the words are flowing there is no pomodoro or mozzarella to lift us up and until we're done, we're not going to take our asses off the chair.

However, the best we can do is get up a little every two hours to let the circulation flow, clear the mind or for those who are affected by piles, to avoid a worsening of this condition, which is very serious.

4. Have Nuts or Candy at Hand

Chewing helps to think and if on top of that we chew on rich things that we like better, right? That's why we recommend you to have dried fruits or sweets nearby.

But control, control please, do not put a bag of these between chest and back, share with the team. Everyone is happy when you offer peanuts, cashews or sweets. There's only one thing you shouldn't share: pistachios. Those delicacies are not shared, hide them or eat them at home, the kilo is expensive.

5. Watch a Video of Kittens

Our furry friends are the kings of internet content, kitten videos are and will be kings forever.

Rejoice and laugh with their things as illogical as funny, you will not take more than 3 minutes to see a video of kittens with which to throw a few laughs.

This advice is very out of the sleeve, but is that between a coconut and a kitten, they always win, always, after all, in this office we maintain that cats are planning their world conquest to rule over all living beings on the planet.

6. Take a Quick Look at Twitter from Time to Time

When we are saturated, keeping an eye on Twitter to gossip, learn, see news or share sensations often comes great.

If you want to let off steam do it, we as partners will support you in everything you need, but do not forget the hashtag or the mention to copywriting, so we can access you if you do not follow.

We are a pineapple, we are companions, we give you our shoulder and we have the best kleenex or handkerchiefs so you can dry your tears and blow your nose.

7. Stay Hydrated

Do not miss the water, we have told you to drink coffee, tea, chop nuts or candy, please do not forget to drink water, we are a fit agency that promotes health even if one of our SEO's wants to set up a burger shop.

We would love to tell you more secrets and advice on copywriting and content writing, but we would have to make a change of face and we still have no capital or means for that. We are still a small agency that is in the process of growth or in fit language: volume phase.

If you liked it, share, we are the resistance. Long live content marketing!

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