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DBS Beauty Store


At Coco we love a challenge and there's no greater challenge than stepping out of your comfort zone.


A very special client came to us, who needed technical advice, ideas for improvement and conversions, lots of conversions!


With DBS Beauty Store, there were no social ads campaigns as such, even though they are fundamental to achieve conversions through social media.


Category: Social Ads


We found ourselves with social networks whose organic management was and continues to be amazing: very continuous content, humour, tips, branding, sales...


Only one detail was missing for conversions to start to stand out: Social Ads.

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The solution

The direct and continuous communication with DBS's internal Social Media team, who already know their buyer persona perfectly, made creating such targeted campaigns really stimulating and the results were immediate. Goal achieved!


We were in charge of creating and managing large campaigns full of different targeting and a multitude of ads to impact our potential customer in a direct and safe way. The continuous monitoring of these campaigns ensured that they did not deviate from their main objective: revenue for the company through the social media channel.


At Coco we consolidated ourselves as a key part of a great team such as DBS, a leading cosmetics and beauty company in Latin America, to achieve dazzling results!

Actions and outcomes

The following actions were carried out:


  • Creation and management of Social Ads
    Proposals for actions and improvements
    Organic and promoted content strategies

The results obtained from these actions were:


  • 55.438 conversions
    239,187,971 CLP value of conversions

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