Starting point

It arrived as a website with shortcomings in terms of SEO, with several errors that affected its organic positioning.  In addition, after the audit that was carried out, several 404 errors were detected.


Category: SEO

A comprehensive and phased strategy

The starting point was the elaboration of a complete SEO strategy (SEO Business and SEO Content) while the development team devised a new website where technical errors would be polished.


The highlight was the migration. Geolocated business pages were created to address each one of the client's SEO needs.

metrics and statistics

Immediate results

An unprecedented milestone. The website complied with Google's CWV in record time, making it the fastest and most usable website on the market.


Within two months of its publication, the first results began to be seen and within five months, the organic results were already similar to the paid results at the beginning of the year.

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