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Starting point

The first and only motosharing service in the Canary Islands was successful thanks to its easy use. With just one app you can enjoy one of its electric motorbikes at attractive prices.


The problem was that to reach the target audience, advertising campaigns weren't enough. The online presence had to be worked on in depth.


Category: Web design, Web development, UX/UI

How did we do it?

In several meetings all the needs were captured and a complete multi-month project was defined, aiming for an early MPV, but fully scalable. Today we're beyond our initial goals and continue to scale the project.

mobile apps


Our main objective was to create a central hub that controls everything, as it's not just one website, but 3, with a huge potential to scale to more in the future, each with a common stock and its own stock.


From minute one, we had already made the avis application and the vehicle reservation system worked very well, so we were able to replicate it in this project.

Implemented Improvements

The improvements that were implemented were periodic content curation of the blog, linkbuilding and internal linking that transferred some of the strength from the pages with more authority to those with less, to give that SEO boost.


A great opportunity was detected to better position the Lovesharing app within its niche market. The app still has some way to go to rank in relation to the main keywords of its competitors.

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