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Starting point

The first and only motosharing service in the Canary Islands was successful thanks to its ease of use, with just one app, you can enjoy one of its electric motorbikes at attractive prices.


The problem was that, to reach the target audience, advertising campaigns were not enough. It was necessary to work thoroughly on the online presence and establish a business strategy that went hand in hand with all possible channels.


What did we do?

Customised design and development, focused on user experience and business scalability. All this reinforced with a SEO strategy over time whose main objective was to position Lovesharing as a benchmark in the rental of electric scooters. 

movilidad eléctrica

A 100% personalized and SEO-friendly website

Before implementing an SEO strategy, we had to have a website to work on. So our developers created a website that was fully optimised for SEO.


How did they achieve this? The answer is simple: through a custom development that is SEO-friendly and with exclusive tools with which to work better positioning.

gráfica de palabras clave

An SEO strategy that gives results

This is not about showing off. The data is there and speaks for itself. After many hours of research, an SEO strategy was implemented which, as it turned out, was the ideal one. For proof of this, you only have to look at the following graph.


As you can see, we've reached 6,200K indexes in less than two years. As if that wasn't enough, the traffic shot up exponentially, reaching approximately 15,000 visits today.


But... How was this possible? Basically, the positioning shot up due to the following points.


Blog designed to position

An SEO Content strategy was established with the goal of increasing both traffic and visibility of the website. This aspect of positioning is one of the most important for quickly gaining notoriety on the web.


One of the keys was to write SEO-oriented articles in which both main and secondary keywords and long tails were worked on. To this, we added regularity when writing and uploading content.


lovesharing blog


By publishing a weekly article (always reviewed and validated by the client, so that the information was always truthful, which is key in the eyes of Google) we managed to position numerous keywords at the top of the search engines.


It should be noted that, although the client doesn't currently offer any type of carsharing service, our SEO strategy contemplated the future possibility of expanding the business, so we also decided to address it.


In this way, we tried to capture the attention of users who aren't directly looking for Lovesharing services, but who are interested in electric mobility.


Some of the business and informational keywords for which this website is positioned are the following:




electric cars with more range1200
electric motorbikes 202251900

SEO On and Off Page

Part of the medium-term success was taking care of the SEO On page business strategy, since we dealt with each and every KW that directly affected Lovesharing as a company with an online presence.

But the key was the interlinking and linkbuilding strategy.


Internal linking, a key factor

That content and site architecture are essential aspects of Lovesharing's success is beyond doubt, but interlinking also contributed significantly to improving the website's SEO.


In this way, a strategy was implemented in which link juice was especially taken into account. In other words, part of the strength of the pages with more authority was transferred to those with less authority in order to give the latter a boost in terms of SEO.


For example, if a blog article ranked very well for a certain keyword, part of its link juice was redirected to a service page in order to push the latter up the search engine rankings. The ultimate goal of (almost) every website is to convert.


Link building

Off-Page SEO was also worked on conscientiously after the SEO On Page work had been completed. In this way, a link profile was created to help attract more traffic to the Lovesharing website and achieve greater domain authority.


Thus, it was decided to work month by month on a link strategy both with media related to the client's subject matter and with renowned portals, which undoubtedly pleases Google and positively affects the positioning.

What's next?

We are currently evangelising the concept of motosharing and bikesharing in order to inform about the advantages of renting a motorbike or electric bike in the easiest and simplest way.


For this we need:

mobile apps


A great opportunity was detected to better position the Lovesharing app within its niche market. The app still has some way to go to rank against the main keywords of its competitors, but constant maintenance and activity will make the ASO strategy a success.

curación de contenidos

Periodic content curation

SEO doesn't end here, but it's necessary to review the content of the website regularly to check what works best and to apply it to those contents that don't quite get off the ground. This is the process known as content curation.


In this way, the entire site is constantly audited to neutralise possible technical errors and to optimise the content in the best possible way. Maintenance is extremely important for a website.

In short, Lovesharing was conceived from the outset at Coco Solution thanks to close collaboration with the client. Its spectacular SEO results are the fruit of the hard work of the entire team.

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