Advantages of Using GPT-3 for Content Writing

Author : Coco Solution
23 de Marzo, 2021
Discover why using the GPT-3 text generator can help you.

Much is being said about the development of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology. They say it’s the decline of human editing. They talk about the possibility of creating web pages on its own. Even about the possibility of creating unique texts within a content marketing strategy.

Well, I am a content writer and copywriter. I work in content marketing and my agency's technology includes GPT-3 in all our WYSIWYG. And I'm sorry to tell you that everything they say is obviously false, because AI is not being created to destroy jobs but to have the possibility to create and implement more and more content strategies.

Next I will explain how we use this excellent tool and I will tell you why AI can help us content creators to have not only better strategies but also to improve the quality of life of our work.

Why can AI help content creation?

thinking gif

A technology capable of generating a block of content around a context is a spectacular tool for adding value.

It is the same principle that chefs use with machines for cooking at low temperatures (sous vide) instead of using a cauldron to cook at low temperatures, using one more fire and having to control it, this tool allows them to seal flavours in less time, vacuum-packed and without taking up resources that would be necessary for other tasks.

GPT-3 is to the content creator what sous vide is to the chef. It allows us to save time and, therefore, profitability by using a neural network to capture premises that provide value, thus avoiding long processes of searching for valuable information.

If we stop to think simply in terms of profitability both in terms of time and resources, there is no doubt that it is necessary to implement it.

But, as we like to promote our tools here, I will give you 5 reasons to use this AI.

5 reasons for using GPT-3 in your texts

You will see that all the reasons go in the direction of two key concepts: optimisation and value. If we were not provided with these basics, there would be no need to be using this tool, let alone writing an article on why to use it.

1. Tracks ideas really fast

As a neural network, GPT-3 is able, based on a series of key concepts, to track and display certain ideas that the AI considers essential on the Internet. Remember that it is continuously learning and a large part of its success is due to how we tell it to crawl.

Here’s an example:

generate ideas ia

(All images are taken from the CMS Acai-Code, created by Coco Solution)
If we ask GPT-3 to make a list of the 5 advantages of digital marketing:

It will give us this set of results:

GPT-3 advantages of digital marketing

GPT-3 considers that the premise we have given it is fulfilled with this content. It has interpreted that the query is answered with these values.

Note: It took only 10 seconds to generate 5 basic concepts of digital marketing that need to be understood.

Obviously, it will then be our mission to cure and give humanity to the text, providing coherence and cohesion.

But here's a thought: imagine you have to write about the benefits of certain foods, products, materials...

Have you thought about the time you could save just by generating the skeleton of the text with this tool?

I repeat, it took 10 seconds and gave 3 options and the most interesting one was chosen.

2. Unlocks the mind

The blockage, on many occasions, of our mind due to the amount of content we have to manage over time is one of the main threats to our sector: we are our own worst enemies.

This fatigue often prevents us from starting an article. Getting started is always the most complicated thing. Try giving the title or main premise to GPT-3 and look at the options it shows you. You will be surprised and it will probably help you.

3. Optimises research time

One of the advantages we mentioned is the time you gain with the use of this technology. Specifically, at the time of doing research, GPT-3 is able to collect information about what we are writing about.

Once again, the most important thing is that the premise that is presented to you is as clear and specific as possible. The better you communicate what you are trying to do, the better results you will achieve.

example of ia generated text

We have asked it to find 5 features that an electric scooter has and it is going to show us 3 options:

example of ia generated text

We will choose the one that best suits what we want for our research. As you can see, a large part of the information is totally valid for capturing information when writing an article.

4. Automatises SEO Content

One of the most significant advantages of using this type of AI is in the optimisation and automation of SEO strategies.

Thanks to GPT-3 we can create valuable content, but also texts that are subsequently modified to the point of being unique. This functionality allows us to position different landings of the same services positioned for different locations.

GPT-3 helps us to generate the content of all the geolocalised URLs of our services and to broaden our impact in different areas, attracting clients from other locations.

automatised ideas

5. Captures and develops premises

Yes, we can give it a heading structure, so that it will be able to develop the premises that we set out in each of the headings.

This functionality is important to cure it and provide it with coherence and, above all, cohesion, because despite being a very intelligent neural network, it is still in a learning phase and it will be our responsibility to ensure that it learns and that everything that comes out of it is reviewed by us.

AI does not replace writers, but helps them

I think it's pretty clear by now that GPT-3 is not going to take away the jobs of content writing professionals. It will help and optimise the workload in repetitive tasks that do not require, for the most part, customisation.

However, the copywriting world is becoming more and more saturated and, above all, more and more undervalued in terms of prices. So you will see GPT-3 as a tool that begins to filter between quality and automation.

No more copy and paste and no more duplicate texts. If a tool like this is able to do this in a matter of minutes, repetition jobs will start to become scarce for the copywriter.

Therefore, it is time to evolve, to learn strategies and, above all, to write and apply better methodologies.

This is the second warning after the one given by Spintax technology. If a tool created to help is able to replace you in this constantly evolving market... you have a problem.

PS: 90% of this article was created by GPT-3.

PS2: just kidding.


PS3: or not...

or not

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