The Importance of a Two-Way Communication on Social Media Marketing

Author : Coco Solution
13 de Abril, 2020
Two-way communication is very useful to get feedback from the user in order to improve our brand or product.

Two-way communication involves a new way of communicating that is used more and more on the Internet, especially in digital marketing. The main reason for this is that the receiver of the message can also become the sender. The Internet has become a platform where the user becomes a consumer and a generator of content.


A great example is that any of us can have a blog where we can express our ideas and where other users can comment on their impressions. In this way, their thoughts can reach the sender of the original message, who in turn can adapt their content according to the information requested by their visitors. It is a win-win situation.


Undoubtedly, a clear example of this bidirectional communication on the Internet is social media. In fact, it is possible to generate feedback in many ways on these platforms, such as comments, likes, sharing a publication, etc. Thus, brands collect a lot of information about what their public wants.


This is why in this new Coco Solution article we will see what this communication in two ways on social media consists of.


What is two-way communication

This way of communication benefits from continuous feedback where the receiver and the sender exchange roles to create a conversation in both directions.


Communicating in two ways consists in that the two parts exchange roles and the interaction is fluid and effective. In this way, more than a simple transmission, it is considered as an interaction between the participants of the communicative process.


Differences between two-way and one-way communication

The main difference between unidirectional and bidirectional communication is that in the former there is no possibility of feedback. That is, it includes any type of communication where the receivers do not have the opportunity to ask the sender.


For this reason, using one-way communication reduces the transmission of information. One could say that this kind of communication is simply informing.


One-way communication is useful when you are working with goals and with short deadlines, as results are the most important thing.


However, if the aim is getting greater integration and more dynamic, effective and participatory processes, the two-way model is ideal.


Although this type of communication has advantages at specific times, it is advisable to opt for a two-way process in which various points of view are considered and which is based on factors such as dialogue, interaction and the predominance of corporate interest.


Advantages of two-way communication

One of the great benefits of communicative bidirectionality is that it involves the user or receiver so that they feel an active part of a project and, therefore, advantageous results are generated for the company that uses it. With this type of communication the following is achieved:


  • The brand is brought closer to the customer, that is, it is "humanized". In this way, the user's decision is influenced.
  • Users feel that they are more valued if brands ask for their opinions.
  • Direct communication between brand and user.
  • Obtaining relevant information.
  • Accuracy.
  • Transparency and trust on both sides.


Although this type of communication takes longer to work than one-way communication, the responses are adapted and adjusted according to the conditions given by the receiver. Thus, in the medium to long term, more positive and real results are obtained.


How to generate conversations with followers

There are different ways to make bidirectional communication natural:


  • Use humour: memes or humorous publications attract the attention of followers, generate comments and encourage them to share the content with their contacts.
  • Talk about current or viral issues: to get the attention of followers, there is no better way than talking about current issues such as news or viral content. Asking users for their opinion is a good way to start a conversation and shows that you are up to date with current news, especially if they are related to your brand or product.
  • Welcoming new followers: greeting new followers, even with an automated message, is very beneficial.
  • Responding to followers: it is vital to answer users' requests, suggestions, compliments and even complaints. This way you can extract valuable (and very relevant) information.
  • Conduct surveys: social networks such as Instagram or Twitter allow you to easily conduct surveys and get the opinion of your followers with a single click.
  • Asking questions: starting conversations with followers to get more information about their opinions, tastes and preferences is very effective.
  • Personalise the account: it is important to humanize the brand and facilitate the conversation with the followers so that they feel closer. Some tips are talking as a ‘we’ or putting a face in the profile picture.

By following these simple tricks you will be able to implement an effective two-way communication that allows you to build up follower loyalty and achieve better results.

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