Hate, the Best KPI for Your Brand

Author : Aarón Peón
16 de Marzo, 2021
Hating is an art that not everyone masters!

One of the things that bothers many brands with a strong presence in networks is the famous ‘hate’. What used to be ‘receiving a lot of unjustified criticism’ or ‘a barrage of insults or detractors’ now has the word ‘hate’ as a concept.

Hate, dislike, rejection are some elements that make some people try to sabotage your work with bad attitudes. At first glance you may think that it is really bad, but what would you believe us if we can guarantee you that hate is the best metric a brand can have?

What is hate?

Hate is the manifestation of adverse sentiment towards a brand on social media or opinion platforms. In other words, it is the fact that motivates a person to insult or make hostile comments on your publications.

The hater is that great unknown person who does not hesitate for a second to discredit and criticise everything published because deep down is feeling that in some way it will have a negative effect on a brand.

However, a hater is overlooking the fact that everything done with the aim of generating discomfort and criticising a brand can have the opposite effect. So yes, hate does more good than harm.

Why is hate the best metric for engagement?

By now you should know what engagement is and the factors that make it up. But you will know that one of them is comments and everything that revolves around them.

Yes, if someone uses hate on one of your posts, they are leaving you a comment (+1). If you know how to reply and receive another reply from them, it also adds up (+2) and if your followers come out to defend you, that's even better (+3).

Moreover, the first proof that you are generating a community that is committed to you is the defence we are talking about. How many debates there are on social networks between apple haters and apple lovers!

Oscar Wilde said that the most worrying thing for a person who craves fame is not to be talked about. He was ahead of his time because he was laying the foundations of how to manage hate and use it to his advantage.

Think about one thing: they are leaving you impressions and interactions on your publications, don't let them escape. Make the most of them to bring out the best in you and bring out the authenticity of your inner self.

You're seeing it more clearly, aren't you? If everything adds up... you take it badly because you want to; whether they hurt you only depends on you.

How do I calculate the hate towards my brand?

Very simple:

  • (s) Sector: this is a determining metric because it will be the one that will enhance the positive factors of your brand. If you are successful and have a large community, your sector will determine how serious it is.
  • (x) Success: more than a KPI, it can be said that it is an OKR because it is subjective and you establish it and what your brand can bring you. But you can also see when something or someone is successful.
  • (c) Community: all those little people who are there at the edge of the canyon giving likes, interacting and giving more value to everything your brand stands for.
  • (e) Envy: someone who can't stand that you're doing well. Probably tried in the same sector as you, thinks they are better than you and don't have half of what you have. Envy is very ugly.
  • (ft) Free time: if they had time and were doing more important things, well... they probably wouldn't be throwing hate at you in their publications. It is a clear sign of a hater that has nothing to do with their life and takes out their frustration on your posts.

Who is the hater? That great unknown

The hater, that person who uses the time of their life to try to sabotage you or make you feel bad and analyses everything you say and wastes resources trying to convince others that you are the bad guy.

The hater, that person who has never heard the famous song ‘Let it be’ by The Beatles.

The hater, that person who, if they were paid to criticise without justification and knowledge, would have more than six figures in their bank account.

The hater is neither created nor destroyed… only transforms itself.

The hater, a form of human life that lives for and to see the world burn. Don't try to understand it, just embrace it because your brand needs it.

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