What Is Spintax and What Is It Used for?

Author : Coco Solution
25 de Mayo, 2020
Discover here one of the best techniques for creating volume content: Spintax.

Nowadays, many marketing, advertising or public relations agencies demand to generate a large amount of content on a single topic. When they’re going to issue press releases or statements, they need to have different versions of the same text to satisfy the different demands.

Something very similar occurs with bloggers who, in order to improve their SEO positioning, use various small blogs dedicated to the same topic. Thus, they put themselves in a good place to improve their positioning in searches and redirect that specific content to the home page.

However, companies or individuals also have the need to create massive texts to promote their products or services. In this sense, they occupy a good spot within the niche they’re in, having a greater capacity to attract new potential customers.

This is where Spintax is really useful, as it’s an ideal tool to create massive content. Therefore, with this article we want to show you what the concept of Spintax means, how to use it correctly, what it is for and the benefits that this way of generating content can bring.

What is Spintax?

The word Spintax comes from the English phrase "spinning syntax", which roughly means rotating syntax. It’s a new technique in content creation, since it allows writers to produce a large number of articles from a single text. Also, there are other variants to generate articles, taking the coded text (spinner) from an editor, process it and write it in different versions.

For this purpose, there are different tools that analyse the language and the algorithms. They’re capable of creating unique combinations by analyzing the original text in depth. In this sense, the writer will only have to include the synonyms suggested by the tool throughout the text.

How to make a Spintax text?

To make a spintax text you must take into account that there are many codes, and quite a few generators, each one interpreting several kinds of encodings. However, to keep things simple, the most popular spintax code is the one with slashes (/) and square brackets ({,}).

Brackets are used to mark the beginning and end of a phrase or word. Slashes are always used to separate variations of a spinner word or phrase. They also go inside the brackets and differentiate phrases and words that are parallel to each other.

The Spintax code setting also allows you to spin phrases or words within a previously spined text. Just open more square brackets within the same text modification. We can see this better in the following example:

  • A marketing strategy is important to get more clients
  • A {marketing|selling|merchandising|commerce|commercialism|mercantilism} {strategy|scheme|plan of action} is {important|vital|essential} to get more clients

As you can see, many variations of words or phrases can be included to write an article and generate various final texts. Don't forget to be meticulous when creating these combinations, providing them with coherence and cohesion, paying close attention to gender and word count.

What is Spintax used for?

If you already have previous experience in the world of content writing, SEO or copywriting, you’ll know that content is the big factor that Google takes into account when positioning a website or a particular article.

Spintax was born to avoid wasting time in writing quality articles and content over and over again… How tedious can it become to repeat the same thing every time, requiring many more hours of work? Spintax is useful for:

  • Saving time.
  • Generating a greater amount of text.
  • Improving positioning in Google.
  • Avoiding duplicate content.
  • Avoiding penalties in social networks for sending the same message several times.

3 best tools to make a spintax text

To make a good spintax text you have to use some tools found on the Internet. Some of them are even free! Therefore, we’re going to show you the 3 tools that, in our opinion, are the most valued for their functionality and features.

1. Freespinner.net

A totally free and very useful tool to start making your spintax, finding the mistakes and modify them in search of the best text. You only have to put the fragment of a text, phrase or word inside the cell and it’ll offer you 4 versions of it and the percentage of originality among them.

2. Spinea.me

Quite simple and comfortable tool to use. You won't need to do any big actions to create your spintax, you just need to enter your text and the platform will take care of generating a spin text.

3. Espinner.net

A paid, but very cheap, platform that is basically responsible for originating the spintax automatically, giving only the text that you’ll have to attach to generate more text automatically.

5 tips when using Spintax

Sometimes we think that making spintax texts is simple, but the truth is that it's much more than taking a fragment of text, copying it in the corresponding box and generate the fragment we want. It's about something else, playing with synonyms and giving the sentence coherence and cohesion.

That's why we're going to offer you a series of recommendations so that you can make a good spintax, with quality and without incurring penalties for duplicated content.

1. Don't keep the first version

When we do this practice, we always tend to keep the first version that the tool offers. But, ideally, we should look for new options, correct, revise the text in depth, modify the synonyms and give the text the necessary coherence to not be penalized.

2. No use too much synonyms

The use of synonyms in spintax is very good as they give the text an interesting semantic richness, but they should not be overused. The ideal would be to try to write sentences or expressions that refer to the same thing, but with different words.

3. Check the text

Checking the text as often as necessary in order to detect any mistakes, errors in wording or possible duplication that could penalise us is vital.

4. Limit its use

It's good to use spintax for creating a lot of content in a short period of time. But you must not forget that if you extend this practice for a long time, Google will start to notice and will sanction you for it.

5. Use anti-plagiarism tools

Using anti-plagiarism tools it’s highly recommended. It’s not convenient to trust 100% of the texts offered by the spintax platforms and, to get out of doubts, it is good to go through these tools to save us some headaches.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a Spintax text

Using spintax to produce a large amount of quality text is an increasingly widespread practice in the world of digital marketing. It has many benefits for those who use it, but it also has its disadvantages.

Pros of using a Spintax text

  • Writing a large amount of text in a short time.
  • Considerable savings in working time.
  • Considerable improvement in positioning in Google.
  • Ideal for the creation of short or rotating texts (350 words)
  • Possibility of creating different documents on the same subject.
  • Recommended for use in social networks, press releases, landing pages, etc.

Cons of using a Spintax text

  • Duplicate content can be made unintentionally, resulting in a penalty from Google.
  • It’s not recommended to use spintax for blogs, because the rotation of syntax does not have the dynamism that is assumed in terms of the ways to treat a topic, damaging the position of the blog in search engines.
  • It can become a tedious and slow writing.

Things to avoid when using Spintax

When we get down to work to create content in a massive way, we do so with the idea of creating quality texts, with rich semantics, variety of synonyms, etc. But, apart from the above, it’s key to avoid some practices that can make us lose the quality in the texts and that it’s good to know them.

For example, it’s not convenient to take a dictionary of synonyms and that's it, we already have the work done. It’s not like that, making spintax is much more. The convenient thing would be to avoid these practices and to elaborate our own dictionary of synonyms, as it’ll improve considerably the quality of the texts considerably.

You should also avoid the massive replacement of synonyms because they usually bring inconveniences when giving meaning to the text, since a word can mean many things, therefore, you have to choose very well what synonym we want to add to the text. In short, to create good content using spintax, it’s crucial to use synonyms properly and give coherence to the phrase or text.

Spintax: creating content in a short time

As you have seen throughout the article, spintax is a practice that has been implemented gradually within the content marketing. It has opened up a new way of writing, considerably reducing the time previously spent writing texts.

Perhaps it’s not the best way to write content, as it’s very repetitive and tedious, but it’s a very valid formula to create many articles in a short space of time, especially short content such as landing pages that usually take between 300-400 words.

However, spintax is not an easy practice, as it requires time and dedication to get some optimal texts. A good spinner can take days to develop good texts, so is vital to have some patience, work and perseverance.

In short, spintax is a good practice in these times in which there’s a great demand for content and to publish in different places the same information without being penalized by Google.

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