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Banana Computer - 30th anniversary

Banana Computer is the official distributor of Apple products in the Canary Islands, and has managed to consolidate its position as a point of sale for the products of the acclaimed American brand of electronic devices, which is at the forefront of the world. Year after year they've been growing and improving the results of their campaigns, thus improving the team and the service offered.


Category: marketing, social media, graphic design

banana computer 30 anniversary


With the celebration of this important date for the brand, we were looking to create a new line of communication that would combine Banana's brand image with the style of the Apple brand. To do this, we had to carry out an in-depth analysis of the brand, its campaigns, resources, and everything that was significant in its communication.


Finally, and after having analysed the potential of the Banana brand as a communication channel for the Apple essence, we developed an entire communicative identity at a visual level and with the support of the Social Media Management team to give meaning not only to the anniversary campaign, but to set a precedent behind which to define the entire Banana communication line, implementing the most characteristic Apple elements, such as emojis, the colour palette based on the product typology, Apple's own SF Pro Display typography and the minimalist aesthetic that is today the company's standard.

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