Brand & Visual Design

Coco Solution - Re Branding

Starting point

Coco Solution S.L. is a marketing and visual communication agency founded in 2014 by a very small but enthusiastic team who has the desire to do things well and differently. Little by little, the company grew and in just a few years it was projected to levels that even they themselves weren't aware. Coco gained presence at national and international level, to the point of introducing its services in Latin America.


Category: branding, UX/UI, web.


The brand image had been left behind both in concept and in the agency's own activity, to the point of growing in the number of departments and services offered. The need to communicate from a broader point of view came up, where we feel Coco not only as a concept, but a whole range of colours to choose from.


We're not looking to create excessive confusion with the image changes, but rather we need to generate a new image that maintains the previous essence and enhances the new concept that adds to Coco's brand image. In addition to this concept, the implementation of the brand image in all aspects of the agency; web, social media, office distribution, merchandising, etc.

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