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Foundation DISA

Starting point

When Fundación DISA came to Coco, it was love at first sight.


The client needed a team that would devote love to all its projects and the agency needed a project that would really excite them: perfect scenario.

Category: Social Media Management.

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Until then, the management of their networks was very irregular, there was no visual identity and most importantly, they lacked closeness to the user despite having a very engaged following.


Projecting to the world all the work behind each action promoted. The team's involvement was total.


Once the visual identity had been created, all that remained was to work on an inclusive language and a friendly tone to convey emotion, a lot of emotion. 

The main ingredients were ready. We started to work day by day, we got to know all the projects personally and the reward for a job well done came soon. It was almost instantaneous to find a loyal user on the networks, who reacted to all the actions that were carried out and gave us a boost of energy. The commitment was mutual. 

When a client trusts an agency, beautiful things can happen, but when a great client, such as the DISA Foundation, blindly trusts in the work of an entire team, a wonderful level of satisfaction is unleashed that is rarely known.

Implemented Actions

The following actions were carried out:


  • Complete social media strategy and planning
  • Daily communication on all profiles
    Active social listening
    Full event coverage
    Social Ad

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