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Villa Gran Canaria


Villa Gran Canaria had a poorly optimized website with few tools to develop its business. This meant the creation of a new website that came to meet the needs, adding a good SEO structure.


Category: branding, UX/UI, web.

How did we do it?

The development team started working on a new website with Acai Code as the main axis, which would allow an easy implementation of all the needed SEO content.


At the same time, we started to work on a careful content writing strategy and interlinking to transfer the authority of the main page to those business URLs that we were interested in promoting.

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The process

In terms of SEO, a good implementation of all those external tools that the client needed to show the availability of the villas was achieved.


From here, the SEO content work was oriented to the writing of articles to focus on the main keywords, secondary keywords and longtails, as well as boosting the brand.

Improvements implemented

Thanks to the work of the SEO and development team, the website was 100% optimized for positioning. The organic positioning has risen exponentially since 2019 to reach 300% more organic traffic.

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