5 best alternatives to Wix

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18 de Marzo, 2020
Although Wix is one of the best CMSs on the market, there are other interesting alternatives...

When you're searching on Google how to create a website, the first alternative that pops up is Wix. But is Wix the best content creation system? The answer is simple: no. There are infinite alternatives to Wix that can be useful for you and here we'll show you our best options.


Why look for a Wix alternative?

Wix can be an alternative for many people, but not for everyone. Below, we'll show you some of the aspects, why you should start thinking about using some of the alternatives we'll name later.

acai shop

Mobile responsiveness: when it comes to generating content, Wix offers a huge variety of templates, but the templates offered aren't fully capable of displaying on mobiles.
Elasticity: once you've created your website on Wix, you'll not be able to take your website to another type of support. You'll have to stay on Wix or create a new website on another platform.
Online commerce: Wix offers the possibility of online sales, although it's not capable of supporting a large online shop.
Customer service: Wix has lousy customer service, the hotline takes a long time to attend to users with problems, and it's impossible to communicate with them online because they lack chat for incidents.


List of the best 5 + 1 alternatives to Wix

Let's discover alternatives to Wix!


1. Acai Shop

Are you looking for a shop that guarantees the scalability of your business? Acai Shop has everything you could have imagined for managing an online shop without the need to have any idea about programming or anything else. The Coco Solution team has launched this tool that'll make your life easier thanks to its incredible features:


  • Unlimited stock with which you can create all the products you need.
    Hierarchical structure with unlimited categories and subcategories.
    Various payment methods, either by POS, Paypal, financing or transfer.
    Easy to use offers and discount codes manager for all products.
    Extranet to control the status and history of orders, as well as a direct communication system with customers.
    Online support through a ticket system to communicate with customers on their orders.
    Elastic linguistic search engine to easily find products, as well as their features and labels.
    UX design based on the end user, coupled with a study of behaviour on the web.
    Buyer Design with a simple and efficient navigability, ideal for Cross-Selling and Upselling.
    Customised landing page builder with drag-and-drop modules that allow you to modify the layout of the website.
    On-site measurement integrated with Google Analytics, control of metrics, KPIs, objectives and sales.
    Audits SEO that analyses the SEO On Page of each page.
    Pychecker to control the performance of technical functionalities, as well as access to status reports on technical aspects.
    Keyword Tracker with which you can track keywords, optimise SEO content, import and export reports in real time and integrate keyword density per URL.


In short, with Acai Shop you can finally have the online shop you've been waiting for: SEO ready, with secure and convenient payments, constant communication with customers and support service, stock control... And all this for only €99.99 per month!


2. Shopify

Shopify is the best alternative to Wix if you're a beginner user and want to start an online shop. This alternative is designed for beginners and has everything you need to get started with the shop and its administration.


In addition, this platform offers you 14 days free, so you can check it out without any commitments, and it doesn't require you to enter any credit card details, so it's totally secure.


Unlike Wix, Shopify offers 24-hour customer service, so you can be sure that your problems will be solved quickly. Shopify is fully responsive on mobile, so you don't have to worry about your shop not displaying correctly, and finally, Shopify is much cheaper than Wix.


3. Weebly

Weebly is much easier to use than Wix, especially for beginners. The content management system is much easier to manage for content creators who are just starting out. In addition, this support offers you the following features, which make the difference to Wix:


  • It has a mobile app: once you have created your website, you can make changes to it directly with the Weebly app, this makes managing your website super easy.
    Functionalities: In Wix you have to add applications to have more functionalities on your website, while Weebly's editor contains many advanced options by default. Also, Weebly contains advanced marketing options, while with Wix you will have to subscribe to Wix Ascend to have this kind of tools.
    Members area: if you're a business owner or a freelancer working with clients, this area of Weebly will be very useful for you. This tool makes it much easier to create new users and assign roles to them, making it much easier to collaborate and cooperate.


4. WordPress

WordPress is used for a much more elaborate CMS. It takes time to enter the world of this platform, because most people who use WordPress do so for large projects with a much larger scope. In addition, with WordPress, it can be possible to install your own hosting and domain.


You'll have to be clear, however, that to create a website using WordPress you'll have to spend time designing the site, while with Wix you have it done, unlike what Wix offers you, this platform offers you more security and much more independence when it comes to generating content.


5. Webnode

This tool is a great option for creating simple websites. This site is great for people who don't have a lot of time or knowledge to create a website.


It's very simple and intuitive to use, unlike Wix this one doesn't have so many templates to generate the web, but it has enough to create a simple project.


Bonus track: Site123

With Site123 you get simple tools to manage web content, you can sell online and even generate multilingual content. This content creator is one of the most suitable for personal and small business websites. Site123 offers you the following:


  • Website builder for beginners: Site123 is an easy-to-use web content creator.
    Support: Site123 offers support 24 hours a day 365 days a year and unlike Wix has a help section on the website itself in case you have any questions while you're making it. Therefore, there will always be someone available to help you when you have a problem.
    Apps: Site123 offers 75 apps to add additional functionality to the website.
    Great e-commerce functionality: Site123 offers great e-commerce functionality for small businesses. With this content creation tool you can sell your products in 80 different currencies, and it's also able to handle payments through PayPal, Braintree, 2Checkout and Stripe.

Content Management System

Why not use Wix?

The reasons why not to create your website are clear:


  • The website is not yours: if you create your website with Wix, you have to be clear that you cannot migrate your website. You'll have to create it from scratch on any other platform. And you'll not be able to take the website to another hosting provider.
    Changing templates: If you want to change templates, you lose everything. You'll have to change your website again 100%.
    Positioning in Google: the SEO strategies you want to implement on your website will not be possible to be carried out, you'll not be able to use titles and alternative texts to the images. In other words, you'll not be able to change anything at all on the website.
    Very slow loading speeds: one of the components that Google penalises the most is slowness. Due to the saturation of the Wix servers and the lousy work they do on the servers, the website will be very slow.

acai shop

Are you still wondering why not to use Wix? The answer is very easy. It's true that Wix is a very easy and fast tool to use, but easy and cheap is expensive. The pages you create with Wix will not belong to you, that is to say, the rights will always belong to CMS.


The alternatives that we have presented in this article are quite competent and offer equal or better results in both the design of the page itself and customer service, this being one of the most important points when choosing your next content management system.


Are you going to use any of the alternatives to Wix, or are you going to choose the famous content management system?

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