What Is Shadowban on Instagram and How to Avoid It

Author : Coco Solution
08 de Mayo, 2020
Are you getting bad results on Instagram? You're probably a victim of the infamous Shadowban. Find out what it is and how to avoid it here. ✅

When you create a profile on Instagram with the goal of becoming an influencer, you put your hope that by uploading daily publications, stories, and even your own life is great to offer a differential value over other profiles in your field. But sometimes, you may have felt that your publications don’t have the reach you expect. Then Instagram has probably thrown a shadowban at you.

This isn’t exclusive of Instagram, and is a way to tell you that you’re doing things they don't like, that they don't see as legal and that’s why they’re taking away your visibility, without noticing you. You're probably alarmed by all this right now, but don’t worry. Here you’ll discover what it is to be shadowbanned.

What is Instagram shadowban?

Basically, a shadowban is:

A partial blocking or reduction of the visibility that the administration of the main social networks executes on all those profiles that are performing "random" actions to increase their metrics. In the case of Instagram, it’s one of the ways it has to restrict the action of many profiles that are growing exponentially, so this cut of visibility is one way to say: "hey, change the way you operate in my social network".

Why can I be shadowbanned by Instagram?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why Instagram bans you. The bright side of all this? That they’re each pretty obvious.

  • Using blocked, overcrowded, or unrelated hashtags. Yes, it may be unnoticed at first by the Instagram algorithm, but when it realized it… it’s game over. The goal of social networking is linking topics without losing the main focus. For instance, if you upload motivational phrases, don't use hashtags like #partynight or #bbqsauce. 
  • Using third-party automation programs. No, we’re not talking about social media tools, although Instagram doesn't like all of them. For example, we're talking about those programs that clearly cheat and leave random comments everywhere.
  • Fake followers. This kind of followers doesn’t have any use, as Instagram deletes millions of accounts every year. In addition, identifying them is too easy.
  • Constant complaints. Although reports helps to block accounts, sometimes Instagram doesn't understand why an account is being reported. Thus, its judicious action is shadowbanning.
  • No engagement. If you have a potential account, but don’t generate interaction with your followers, Instagram will occasionally shadowban you and reduce your visibility. It's its way of telling you to wake up.

Also, you’ll see that there are many experts who tell you that this ban is applied to profiles that published more than twice a day too; that Instagram has some sort of restrictions and that one of them is publishing too much. But we don't consider that this action will cause a ban.

The reason why one of our posts is not getting enough visibility when posting two publications in one day is simply because of the "eclipse effect”. And it's as simple as understanding that one publication will overlap the other.


How do I know if Instagram has shadowbanned me?

To find out if it has been applied a shadowban on your account, follow the next steps that we’ve check on our more than 50 Instagram accounts.

1. Create a secondary profile on Instagram

Creating an alternative account is useful to do some tests. IMPORTANT! Don’t follow yourself, there must be no connection between the accounts.

2. Use a less known hashtag

If you think your account has been shadowbanned, publish a post with a not so used hashtag. For instance: #oscarwildeinspanish.

3. Look at the hashtag on the alternate account

If your account is banned, the post won’t appear on the alternate profile when searching the previous hashtag used. Instead, if it does, you'll probably have to optimize your Instagram strategy. 

Discover more about how to use hashtags on Instagram.

How do I get rid of a shadowban?

Did you see the reasons why Instagram can ban you? Then, do the opposite.

Here are the Five Commandments to not get shadowbanned.

  1. Don’t use third party programs to generate engagement.
  2. Don't buy followers.
  3. Don't use hashtags unrelated to your publications.
  4. Don’t generate content that can be reported.
  5. Love your followers. And show them.

BONUS TRACK: If you see that you lack visibility, give yourself a break, stop posting for at least 48 hours and then come back stronger. We’ve noticed that with these breaks, many of the accounts that have been affected by the shadowban return to normal.

In short, your main goal should be (apart from no getting shadowbanned on Instagram or any other social media network) bringing a unique value to stand out. Follow this simple, but useful tips and let your accounts thrive!

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